Fire Emblem could address the sci-fi fantasy void left by Final Fantasy 16


The Final fantasy the series is often associated with its mix of fantasy and sci-fi elements, exemplified by its arguably best-known entry Final fantasy 7. However, the next Final Fantasy 16 opts for a traditional medieval fantasy setting, going back to the roots of the series as well as other popular JRPGs such as Dragon Quest. As Square Enix makes this change, there is still plenty of room for a developer like Intelligent Systems to try something new with Fire emblem.

The Fire emblem the franchise is known for its hard fantasy sets dating back to the 1990s The Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light on NES, but he also played with other genres. For example, half of Fire Emblem Fatesworld in a feudal kingdom of Japanese inspiration populated by ninjas and samurai, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses has academy-themed slice-of-life elements. A few recent entries add more tech to the mix with a fantasy twist, but the next game could tap a lot of potential by engaging in a sci-fantasy setting.

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The Growing Sci-Fi Fantasy Elements of Fire Emblem


An idea more commonly associated with science fiction seen in modernity Fire emblem is a journey through time. Fire Emblem Awakening introduces Lucina and a group of other survivors from a devastated future who travel through time to meet their parents, current members of the Ylisse Shepherds, in order to change the fate of the world. However, this is less based on science and technology, and more like magic facilitated by the divine dragon Naga.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses also introduces automated golems with largely mechanical designs that were developed by the Church of Seiros, although they also appear to be powered by magic. Likewise, the Azure Moon path following Dimitri and the Blue Lions class also brings players into contact with Titanus: towering stone beasts built using technology from an ancient race. Such cases are still rare, but Intelligent Systems has taken the concept further through mobile gaming. Fire Emblem Heroes.

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Fire Emblem Heroes: Mechs and Magic

All the great stories of Fire Emblem Heroes center around the nine realms of Norse mythology, including recurring characters like Thor and Loki. First there was a conflict between Muspell’s fire-themed regime and the more peaceful winter country of Nifl – riffant Muspelheim and Niflheim, respectively. After that, the homeland of the Order of Heroes was overrun by the undead forces of Hel, based on Helheim, and then players explored a dream world filled with Alfheim based fae.

The most recent chapter in the game’s history, Book 5, is a mechanic-themed journey in Nidavellir; traditionally known as the kingdom of the Dwarves. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe should recognize this as the place Thor visited Avengers: Infinity War to build Stormbreaker with giant Peter Dinklage, and this focus on technology carries over to Fire Emblem Heroes. Nidavellir in the mobile game is portrayed as a land of inventors with steampunk informing its aesthetic. Major characters like Princess Reginn fight in mechs based on animals like horses or birds.

Fire Emblem Heroes‘a more simplistic nature means there isn’t much space to explore this steampunk-fantasy setting outside of the pre-rendered trailers created for Book 5. However, its mix of tech and magic is. interesting and ubiquitous, suggesting that Intelligent Systems could create a whole Fire emblem world from a similar concept. The question is whether it would stick with a more whimsical steampunk theme or whether it would rely on the kind of tech showcased in games like Final fantasy 7.

As Final Fantasy 16 moves away from science-fantasy, Fire emblem has ample room to claim their own rights after the success of Three houses. Although rumors suggest a Fire emblem remake is next on the agenda for Intelligent Systems, there is a lot of potential for Fire emblem try something new outside of your mobile game.

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