Final Fantasy XIV: Top 10 Golden Saucer Awards

April 12, 2022, Final Fantastic XIV released patch 6.1 of the Endwalker expansion. With him, new prizes in the infamous casino: the Golden Saucer.

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Final Fantasy XIV is one of the best MMORPGs in the world, and one of the best ways players spend their time is in the Golden Saucer, collecting its unique MGP currency so they can get amazing prizes. These prizes range from gear to minions, and at the top of the MGP prizes, unique mounts. What are the best of the best in the game?

heavy newborn

The Big Newborn FFXIV

The Heavy Hatchling is one of the biggest minions on the market, available for price trading for a reasonable price of 20,000 MGP.

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Chocobos are a central part of the Final Fantasy universe, and the chubtier chocobos are especially popular with fans. The Heavy Hatchling is perfect for players who want to make a small first purchase before saving up for something bigger. As a minion, it’s a constant part of the player’s party, giving the player a “bang for the buck” voucher with the purchase.


Ponytails in FFXIV

The modern aesthetic is a fun addition to the game that allows players to use more contemporary hairstyles. Ponytails are available for both male and female characters at a very low cost of 8,000 MGP.

The ponytail is a fun and unique option that is available at an incredibly inexpensive price. Two successful turns of a GATE like Leap of Faith will be enough to afford the ponytail hairstyle for the Warrior of Light. Buying the ponytail is one of the most effective possible, and it gives the player a permanent style change.


Adamantoise approaching flight FFXIV

Adamantoise is the cheapest of the mounts available in the Golden Saucer. It can be purchased for just 200,000 MGP, a high price overall, but low for the mounts.

The only downside to the Adamantoise mount is that it doesn’t come with the amazing soundtracks that Final Fantasy XIV the mounts are familiar, but that makes up for it with one of the best flight animations in the game. Kaiju fans will remember Gamera rocketing through the air like a rocket, and this turtle does the same.

Saboteur Weapons

Sabotender Weapons in FFXIV

Sabotenders are the mascots of the Golden Saucer, and players can get Tier 1 weapons in their likeness for just 100,000 MGP.

While the fans are playing Final Fantasy XIVIn the fantasy story mode of , they will quickly discover the ability to glamorize weapons. With the ability to swap out the appearance of their most powerful weapon for clumsy Sabotender weapons, players can have their katanas and cactus spears for as long as they want while staying strong.

Player equipment

FFXIV Player Gear Set

The suave Gambler Gear Set costs 200,000 MGP in total, but most of it is in the 100,000 MGP cost for his signature purple and black trench coat.

Similar to Sabotender weapons, players who love gear don’t have to worry about gear power thanks to the glamor system. Even better than weapons is the universality of Gambler Gear. Players can use the Gambler Gear on all classes as long as they glorify it with the correct armor.

Archon Throne

Archon Throne FF XIV

The Archon Throne is a mid-cost mount by Gold Saucer standards, at 750,000 MGP. The flying throne is one of only two furniture supports in the game, the other being a bed.

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Flying on a giant chair isn’t the fantasy most mounts have on an MMO, but the majority of Golden Saucer prizes are intentionally fun and unique. The Archon Throne certainly fits the bill, and the chair has a certain “cool factor” when the player sits on the odd mount. This is definitely a mount that will turn heads either way.

The Dance of the Bees’ Knees

The Dance of the Bees' Knees

Just as the “Modern Aesthetics” reward class gives players unique hair styles, the “Ballroom Etiquette” rewards give players unique dances like The Bees Knees for just 80,000 MGP.

From Final Fantasy XIV community, the Bees Knees Dance is one of the most famous golden saucer awards. Many players who go to the saucer resume the dance, and players can be seen performing the emote all over Eorzea. Doing the Bees Knees dance after a raid is also a fun way to try and earn some extra kudos.


ffxiv mount fenrir

Fenrir is the second most expensive mount in the Golden Saucer. The Ice Wolf can be purchased for a whopping 1 million MGP, five times the MGP needed for the cheapest saucer mount.

Most of the mounts that can be obtained in the Golden Saucer can be a little goofy. For fans who want to cross over from one of the best fantasy RPGs of all time into something more serious, there’s big wolf Fenrir. Even among the most modern mounts, Fenrir stands out as one of the best looking and coolest mounts in the entire game.

Kolossus of Korpokkur

Korpokkur Kolossus FFXIV

Korpokkur Kolossus is an invaded Korpokkur available to trade for a hefty (but reasonable, considering the quality of the mount) 750,000 MGP.

If Fenrir is for those who want a particularly cool mount, Korpokkur Kolossus is for those who want a particularly cute mount. This adorable half-plant, half-bird is so unique that it looks like something out of Pokemon. Korpokkur Kolossus is especially adorable with Lalafels, who can barely hold on to the strange bird.

Emperador Saboteur

FFXIV Emporador Saboteur

The Golden Saucer’s ultimate mascot, Sabotender Emperador is an inflatable Sabotender with many references to the Saucer itself. However, it costs an incredible 2 million MGP.

For fans of the Golden Saucer, Sabotender Emperador might be the best mount in Final Fantasy XIV. The Sabotender even plays the saucer theme when in flight. It’s a very rare mount, takes an incredibly long time to obtain, and has a memorable design. For players lucky enough to hit the Cactpot jackpot, Sabotender Emperador is the best option for the MGP.

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