Final Fantasy XIV player plays dancer using Xbox Kinect


Final Fantasy XIV players have always been resourceful in the way they bring a sense of deep devotion to the world of Hydaelyn. Fans of the game will know that the community often works together and is always there to help each other through the trials and tribulations of Final Fantasy XIV. This sense of community spirit brings unparalleled satisfaction to venturing into the serene but dangerous world. Gamers are also inventive in bringing new ideas and memories to the game, like a recent gamer who had used the Xbox Kinect to dance in real life and improve his teammates using the Final Fantasy XIV dancer work. It takes inventive thinking to a whole new level.

The game has obviously never officially supported the Xbox Kinect natively, this means that many flaws were used by the Redditor which worked there in order to make it a functional feature that actually works in the experience. They specifically took on the “dancer” job / role to be used with the Kinect and it paid off significantly with the player literally “tapping” around his teammates and towards the location boss.

The Redditor is called ‘SuperLouis64’ and as seen above he can be seen dancing to improve his teammates. They use their modified Kinect in order to perform the actions seen in the game. The user had previously experienced a Yugioh Duel disc and was playing AST while doing so. After taking the time to do so, the user wanted to test the reading of the Final Fantasy XIV Dancer work using the Xbox Kinect.

Notably, they did the Carlton dance on ‘King Thordan’ until the boss was defeated, quite an accomplishment indeed. Each dance step had separate movement controls. The dancer job has distinct abilities (actions) to navigate and use, which in turn allowed the user to create the custom motion / dance controls. As well as having to activate the Kinect by backing up and allowing it to follow the player, they had been able to use the Kinect effectively in the game and help their teammates to an extreme extreme.

The user’s dedication to bringing this controller to life for the Final Fantasy XIV the work of the dancers is exemplary and they should be very proud of their achievements. Stay tuned to their page for possibly even more interesting and unique achievements.

Will you be trying this method anytime soon with the work of Dancer?

Final Fantasy XIV is now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC.


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