Final Fantasy XIV: Nald’thal Boss Guide

Nald’thal is the final boss of the Aglaia Alliance raid and features several attractive but complex mechanics that might confuse FFXIV players.

Nald’thal, the guardian deity of Ul’dah, is the overseer of the underworld and god of commerce who serves as the final boss of Final Fantasy XIVthe latest Alliance raid, Aglaia. This raid marks the first part of the Myths of the Realm series, unlocked once Warriors of Light completes the post-Endwalker quest, “The kingdom of the gods.“To clear the Dungeon, adventurers will have to face several powerful entities: Byregot, the Emissary of Rhalgr, Rhalgr, the Lions of Aglaia, Azeyma, and The Merchants: Nald’thal.

The boss of Nald’thal fights in Final Fantasy XIV will start with Nald’thal casting As Above, So Below, an unavoidable raid-wide AoE ability that changes the look of the circular arena. A set of floating lanterns will appear, along with the ground transforming into a blue and orange donut. If the floating lanterns are blue, stand in the center near the boss to receive the least damage from the attack. However, if the lanterns glow orange, stand in the blue circle on the ground that surrounds the arena. Nald’thal will cast this ability twice before moving on to the next mechanic.

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The next major ability is Heavens’ Trial, which allows the boss to target three random party members with an unavoidable cone-shaped attack. These three targets must be discarded to avoid harming the rest of the group. A fourth member will also be targeted with a stack marker in FFXIVmeaning players need to dash alongside this individual to evenly soak up damage taken.

How to defeat Nald’thal in Final Fantasy XIV

How to defeat Naldthal in Final Fantasy XIV

Far Above, Deep Below is Nald’thal’s next main mechanic, which is similar to Heavens’ Trial but works slightly differently. Three players will be targeted by blue fighter AoEs for several seconds, while a fourth will receive a stack marker. These three targets should stay near the outer ring of the arena to ensure they don’t cause damage to another member. For the attack, Once Above, Ever Below, sets of separately colored AoE circles will appear on the ground. Floating lanterns will respawn around the boss. If the lanterns turn blue, blue AoEs will trigger and deal damage, but if the lanterns are orange, orange circles will activate in FFXIV.

Nald’thal’s Inferno will blast half the room with a massive AoE attack indicated by the direction it is facing. Then Wayward Soul spawns giant spheres that fall from above, dealing AoE damage in circles. FFXIV fans are advised to stay close to the center and change their camera angle to ensure they are in the correct position to avoid being hit. To outrun Fired Up, players must stand near a marked knockback that will damage them but push into a safe area of ​​the arena.

One of the final and most confusing mechanics of the Nald’thal boss fight is the Soul Measure. During this ability, three additions will appear, attaching themselves to a group of players. These members must band together and kill these adds while dodging their conical attacks. Then the boss will cast Tipped Scale, during which FFXIV players must balance the halves of the arena to tie 24-24. Keep in mind that players weigh 1 point while all added dead killed earlier weigh 8 points in total. Players must coordinate to balance the scales; otherwise, the mechanic will end with a wipe. However, once players get past Tipped Scale, the rest of the Nald’thal’s abilities will repeat until it is defeated.

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Final Fantasy XIV is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam or the official Square Enix website.

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