Final Fantasy XIV Interview: Apollo Nightclub

The Apollo Nightclub on the Brynhildr server is the first club I’ve been to in Final Fantasy 14, and with the pandemic, the first club I’ve been completely shut down in almost two years. Calypso Drake, owner of the Apollo Nightclub, has been a fan of Greek mythology since childhood and a huge fan of Xena: Warrior Princess, hence the name of her character and the club itself, as well as the usual classic. of the club. Greek theme. But Apollo Nightclub has something that sets it apart from some of Eorzea’s usual club scenes – several deity-themed rooms that are reserved for role-playing.

“Players can expect a very immersive experience when they come to Apollo,” says Drake. “Not only with the Greek decor in the venue, but with regard to the personal bedrooms if they want to experience RP in one of our many divinity-themed homes to choose from – all based on a Greek god or goddess, therefore Apollo is not only a typical nightclub, it is also PR oriented.

Players can choose from a roster of staff to sit down and play a role in a host bar style session, with each staff member having different preferences which you can view on the Apollo Nightclub website. The club also hires DJs for sets, regularly hosts themed parties, and provides raffle opportunities for its many customers to have even more fun.

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International Talk Like a Pirate Day falls on September 19 each year, but this is the first year that I celebrate it. It just happened to be the same day I attended the Apollo Nightclub, so for that particular night, Drake had dug up the duplicates and looted the loot to redo the set so it would be worthy of the best crew. of pirates.

Pirates danced on mini-stages and all along the balcony while the crowd danced the night away on the ground floor while DJ Violet Wanda sang aaarrrr, probably the best pirate tunes. This special pirate-themed night was in collaboration with Club Resurrection and Drake explained that it was a regular event.

“We have at least two theme nights a month, one of which is usually a collaboration,” Drake tells me. “If the collaboration is hosted at Apollo, I usually redecorate the venue to match the theme. ”

Redesigning the set takes Drake two to three hours, sometimes longer if she hasn’t finalized the concept, but the payoff is well worth it. When the place is known to go above and beyond like this, it is only natural for customers to do the same. Everyone was dressed new in their most elaborate sailor attire – in fact, a dapper gamer was giving me Prince of Purple Rain vibes with his sunglasses and white scarf with a black jacket jumpsuit.

Apollo Final Fantasy 14 Nightclub Pirate Event

Pirate slang filled the chat and the staff played their toughest pirate portrayals. The bar team were handing out special event menus for the night – which were links to actual menus you could look up to order drinks. Their commitment to roles and attention to detail was enough to thrill even the most grumpy guests and put them all in the grog swillin ‘mood.

A generous customer even bought the bar for the evening so everyone could enjoy free drinks. Drake tells me that a bar buyout costs 1 mil Gil’s fee, which she then distributes among the staff.

The idea for the Apollo Nightclub began in January 2021 when Drake was working as a game designer, taking orders for the Free Company’s designed houses. Fortunately, her decision to start a club coincided with a friend of hers no longer needing their FC house and that’s how Apollo was born.

“I noticed that some of my friends were also part of the PR scene, something that I hadn’t experienced yet even though I had been playing for almost two years at that time,” Drake explains. “My friends had taken me to a few nightclubs, and it continued to pique my interest, especially with the design aspect around the places. So, I took on the challenge of designing my own place; especially with a theme that I have not seen in the other rooms. I wanted my place to be unique and have personal rooms that were very well decorated and where the client could really have an immersive experience.


“At the time, I also had a partner who was also taking this trip with me. While I was doing the finishing touches on the venue, I welcomed club owners who had been in the venue scene for a while to come and criticize my work. As I received positive reviews, they encouraged me to take the next step and make it an official place. I was very lucky to have a lot of help from the community to get Apollo off the ground, including all the behind-the-scenes work that needed to take place, like hiring staff, schedules and finances.

Since posting my weekly Community Spotlight articles for Final Fantasy 14, I’ve repeatedly lamented that I got stuck on a newly created character for the sole purpose of visiting different people. More often than not, I hate not being able to participate in themed parties due to my lack of dress options, but being stuck with my lonely basic dance emote was especially frustrating this time around.

I participated in the merriment in my Tantalus gear – the most hacked thing I’ve had on this character – and danced a bit, but would love to come back with Data Center Travel opens to really get moving. my full list of dancing emotes on my main character.

Final Fantasy 14 Apollo nightclub dance floor

I’m also not the only one eager to travel to a data center. It is clear from the number of roaming players – players from other servers – that the Apollo Nightclub is a popular hotspot, so Drake wants to open the doors of Apollo to even more customers.

“I can’t wait for the other data centers to be open to visit Apollo,” says Drake. “I really want to get rid of the negative stigma that if sites are open the same days and times, they are in competition. In reality, we are a community! And especially once the travels around the world take place, there will be even more opportunities for more players to take advantage of all the clubs Crystal has to offer, despite being open at the same time. ”

In fact, Drake has a lot of plans for the future that players are looking forward to. In addition to plans to open some of the smaller arcades, such as a bowling alley and a casino, other theme nights are in the works. A collaborative Harry Potter themed party is on the horizon, along with a special Halloween event as well. To keep up to date with Apollo Nightclub, you can check out their website here or join their Discord.

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