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To repair equipment in Final Fantasy XIV, players can either bring their equipment to an NPC Mender or repair items themselves by leveling up a craft job.

As players complete quests and kill enemies in Final Fantasy XIV, they may find that their equipment gradually wears out and requires repair. At the start of the game, players can take their equipment to the FFXIV to NPCs with “Mender” in their name. These repairers will gladly repair all types of equipment for a reasonable price. Players can find repairers on the map by looking for a hammer icon (“Repairs”).

The higher a player’s gear level, the more gil the player has to pay for repairs. Although it may seem minor at first, the cost of maintaining the condition of weapons and armor will run into the tens of thousands of gil in Final Fantasy XIV. Fortunately, there is a cheaper way for players to repair their gear, but this method requires more effort and grinding. Read on to learn how to repair equipment in Final Fantasy XIV.

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Repair equipment in Final Fantasy XIV requires two items – reaching a certain level in a Craftsman class (Disciples of the Hand / DoH) and obtaining Dark Matter. There are 8 jobs at the DoH: carpenter, blacksmith, gunsmith, goldsmith, leatherworker, weaver, alchemist and cook. While not all jobs need to be leveled, players do need to progress through the work required for the type of equipment they wish to repair. For example, if a player is an archer / bard, they will need to achieve a particular level in weaving or leatherworking, as these two jobs are the DoH craftsmen for equipping bards. Likewise, heavy armor should be repaired by a gunsmith.

How to repair equipment and weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Repair Gear

As a rule, the player will be able to repair any equipment in FFXIV that’s ten levels above the required crafting class. To see what level of repair work is needed, players can check the information under the status of individual equipment status in the menu. However, in order to repair armor on their own, they will also need a fair amount of Dark Matter.

Dark Matter is a unique material that players must acquire in order to repair their equipment in Final Fantasy XIV. It comes in different grades and players can refer to the item’s info window to find out what grade of dark matter is needed to repair it. For example, low level gear will require level 1-4 Dark Matter, while higher level armor and weapons will require level 5 or higher. Players can acquire Dark Matter from Vendors, Market Boards, and Quartermaster of Major Companies.

The advantage of being able to repair your own equipment by Final Fantasy XIV is that it can be done anytime and anywhere (even in dungeons). While this takes more time and effort than just using a Repairer NPC, it’s a nice perk. However, for players who don’t want to upgrade the Disciple of the Hand classes for repair, repairers luckily don’t charge too many gil for repairs.

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Final Fantasy 14 is available on PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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