Final Fantasy XIV: How to get the Demi-Ozma mount


Okay, let’s be real – getting the Demi-Ozma mount can be one of the most difficult tasks in Final Fantasy XIV as of this writing. While most mounts can be obtained through special events, by molding or assembling a suitably structured party of two to twenty-four players, the Demi-Ozma mount instead requires a level of coordination on a whole new level. . Due to the considerable effort involved, it remained one of the few very prestigious items in the game until the DEV team decided to give Eureka’s content a much needed overhaul. Here’s everything we know about how to get the Demi-Ozma mount in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to get the Demi-Ozma mount in Final Fantasy XIV

To get the Demi-Ozma mount in Final Fantasy XIV, you will need to clear the Baldesion Arsenal. To even start trying this high-challenge 56-player open dungeon, you’ll first need to reach elemental level 60 in Eureka and find a group dedicated to clearing content. Check out some tips below on how to start looking for a band to get your clear on.

Very large-scale collaboration

Unlike Raids, Dungeons, or Trials, Baldesion’s Arsenal is something completely different. Google will be your best place to start as the FFXIV community has created Discord groups based on each data center specifically for Bozjan content as well as Arsenal Baldesion. For example, if you are on Aether then you will want to join the Aether Bozja / Baldesion Arsenal Discord to begin your journey to the Demi-Ozma mount. Make sure to read some guides and watch some videos along the way if you’re feeling unsure.

While it might seem like a lot to get a mount, keep in mind the quirks below for BA and why the community managed to tackle it this way.

  • The timer to enter BA is very long and if a small group enters and fails, the whole instance will have to wait until it is ready again.
  • Only certain augments work in BA, meaning if you are unaware and enter without the proper precautions, one death could result in 55 other players being disregarded.
  • While there is no “best” way to play any job, BA is so specific in its demands that not following the lead of other experienced players will waste everyone’s time. people present and could get you kicked out. As mentioned earlier, this strict requirement will hopefully go away with the advent of Endwalker, in the same way that the DEV team completely reworked Diadem in Shadowbringers. Until then though, it’s really a stereotypical type of content.
  • You only need to clean it once, but it’s a courtesy to help at least two or three trails to get you doing the right thing.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PS4 and PS5. Be sure to check out our other Final Fantasy XIV guides while you’re here!


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