Final Fantasy XIV housing demolition remains on hold

Following the launch of the Endwalker update in December last year, the developers of Final Fantasy XIV suspended automatic housing demolition in the game and it looks like the status quo will prevail for some time to come. It was originally scheduled to resume this month, but has now been pushed back.

The automatic housing demolition in the MMORPG aims to create more space for players who want to buy a house in Final Fantasy XIV. Player congestion due to the release of Endwalker caused this feature to be suspended and no date is in sight for its resumption, although the developers have stated that this decision was made due to the “current global situation “, probably referring to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

They said in an update, “We originally planned to restart the currently suspended self-demolition counter on Wednesday, March 9, 2022. However, given the current global situation, we have decided to keep the counter suspended. As for the date of resuming self-demolition, we will monitor the situation in the coming days and let you all know when we have made the decision to resume self-demolition.

Meanwhile, a Final Fantasy XIV letter from the live producer is scheduled for April 1. This session will be streamed via YouTube and Twitch and will feature information regarding Patch 6.1 and other notable features. Although not available with English interpretation, the slides will be available in English and Japanese. Square Enix also said co-streaming of the Live Letter would be allowed, allowing streamers to react to the live broadcast.

Final Fantasy XIV currently has over 24 million registered players and holds the distinction of being the highest-grossing game in the series to date.

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