Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings also deserves a reissue

Revenant Wings has made some important and courageous changes to the Final Fantasy formula and it is for this reason that it should be reintroduced to the fanbase.

One of the most popular entries in history Final fantasy series, Final Fantasy XII Stands the test of time with a strongly political storyline, gameplay that encourages exploration, and beautiful environments underlined by a stunning score. It was an opportunity for franchise veterans to revisit the lands of Ivalice in an exciting new world with a fantastically realized combat system inspired by MMOs. Today, FFXII has received several updated re-releases currently available on PC, Play Station, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

On the other hand, its rather unknown sequel, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, received much less love from Square Enix. This title was released on Nintendo DS and has not yet seen the light of day on any other platform. It’s a shame, because an updated version would be a fantastic addition to the franchise.

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Vaan on the airship in Final Fantasy 12 Revenant Wings

Wings of revenant starts about a year after the end of FFXII and brings back the original cast of the game, along with new playable characters such as Kytes and new additions such as Llyud. The story of the game takes the group through the floating islands of Lemuré using a new airship, with Vaan and his group initially playing the role of explorers. Of course, they soon find themselves embroiled in a story that began way back in Ivalice’s past. The game is notable in that it puts Vaan and Penelo front and center as protagonists in a much more successful way than FFXII, a game that didn’t seem to really know who its protagonist was.

The story of the game is well written and captivating. It deals heavily with the history of the fan favorite Viera breed and the newly introduced winged Aegyl. The plot delves into the tropes common to myths and legends, pursuing a recurring theme that begins with the Occurie of Final Fantasy XII. Fans of the series will appreciate the many nods to older games, including the aesthetic similarities to the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance games, which also took place in Ivalice.

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Final Fantasy 12 Revenant Wings Fighting Game

The gameplay of Wings of revenant is the biggest deviation from series standards and perhaps that is what makes it memorable for many players. It is a real-time strategy game in which the player controls the protagonists as powerful units but can acquire the ability to summon monsters to support them. These monsters come in three varieties (melee, ranged, and flying) and a range of items. This constitutes the majority of the game’s strategy; players must make sure that they are effectively using their monsters to complete the fights. There are also optional quests that players can complete to forge pacts with the Espers that were present in the game’s predecessor; using these Espers in battle is fun, especially for players who have already known them from previous games.

Thanks to the game’s heavy reliance on its touch controls and the title’s relative obscurity, it hasn’t really been considered a remaster contender. Despite this, it’s clear that an updated version would be a great addition to the canon. The way the game explored a whole new genre and extended the lore of Ivalice made it a bit of a cult classic for those who played it. With a new coat of paint and a better soundtrack, it would feel right at home on the Nintendo Switch, with or without its touch controls. Ivalice remains a popular destination for Final fantasy games, most recently in a series of raids developed for Final Fantasy XIV‘s Stormblood expansion, and revisit it in Wings of revenant would be a joy.

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