Final Fantasy War of the Visions: 10 Essential Vision Cards

Vision Cards are a very important and mandatory mechanic in Final Fantasy War of the Visions. Not only are they a shiny gacha item to collect and fuel the money machine with, but they also provide players with much-needed buffs for their units and can even change the tide of every battle.

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There are many Vision Cards to collect in the game, ranging from R Cards to UR Cards and while they all have their respective perks and buffs, some of them are almost mandatory for every player to own and max out as soon as possible to be able to beat eliminate the competition or eliminate some of the most difficult single-player content in the game.

ten Clothing

war of visions vision card keychain machinery

Keychain is hands down the best adjacent magic vision card in the game. Not only does it give the team +10 dark resistance, it has a group-wide +30 magic attack ability. Any team that includes Mages or Murderers that scale off magic stats will be two peas in a pod with Keychain.

Mono-light teams like Sakura/Yuna/Elsirelle will benefit the most from this card. Now hopefully Gumi and Square Enix give us a Macherie unit that can really illustrate how cool it looks in this map art.

9 Realm Reaver, Odin

Realm_Reaver,_Odin_from_WotV_vision_card Cropped

The Odin vision card is one of the most useful generic vision cards in War of the Visions only for Man Eater +10. Pair Odin with a tank and the enemy has a big threat ahead of them to defeat.

Not only does the card provide a unit with one of the strongest single-target buffs in the game, once the card is drawn, it is paired with the Odin esper, automatically giving the player more tools to improve their formation. of units.

8 Black Battlefield Rose

Black_Rose_of_the_Battlefield_from_WotV_vision_card Cropped

Even though Black Rose is primarily used as a magic-based vision card, forgetting about its side effects is almost criminal.

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Giving a group Agility +10% is amazing considering it gives players the freedom to add high agility units like Xiza or Vinera Fennes to flank and rout the enemy while powerful mages like Black Rose Helena sit at the back of the arena casting giant spells like a terrifying villain. And it’s all thanks to the massive accuracy buff the card gives magic users.

seven Moonlit Fang, Fenrir

cropped wotv fenrir vision card

Besides providing players with an esper for ice units and being one of the most underrated summons in Final Fantasy, Fenrir also helps the majority of players with +20 magic attack resistance.

Since the start of War of the Visions, Light Units have been running Guild Battles and PVP like their own personal underground fight club where betting against them is strictly prohibited. Since most of the best units in the element are mages, Fenrir is most often useful with the resistance buff and an HP buff to boot.

6 First division of Hourne, Solidus

solidus by wotv englebert and frederika

Mages, like in every other game, are extremely powerful characters just because they have toolkits to quickly blast the opponent with large amounts of damage in a short amount of time.

Solidus helps fill the void some mages might have in the stat department by granting them a Magic Attack +10 buff. But like all other cards, Solidus is versatile. Solidus also grants a party-wide buff of Slash Attack Resistance +20 protecting your mages from being continuously chained by slash comps.

5 raging earth, titan

Raging_Earth,_Titan_from_WotV_vision_card Cropped

Sometimes the mages just aren’t up to snuff and the training needs a little something extra and sometimes the quest mission requires a chain of 3 or more. That’s when Raging Earth, Titan comes in. He provides units with a +25 Man Eater buff (which is greater than Odin’s buff) group-wide that only triggers when the attack is physical based.

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Titan is the perfect counter for full magic teams as it also gives the holder Pierce Attack +10 and most mages don’t have Pierce resistance built into their stats.

4 Howl of the Ferocious Inferno, Ifrit

Howl_of_Ferocious_Blaze,_Ifrit_from_WotV_vision_card Cropped

If there was ever a Vision card that needed to be maxed out immediately, it’s Ifrit. This card gives its holder Attack +50%. This card’s buff can only be obtained once it’s fully maxed and is at level 99, because otherwise it’s a much smaller buff at around +10%.

That’s not bad on its own, but a 50% buff on anything is too good to pass up. Ifrit also gives the group Fire Attack +10%, but when accompanied by a much bigger and better buff, it falls in comparison. Also, the shooting units aren’t the best in the game, so at most three units would benefit from the buff.

3 Roaring thunder, Ramuh

cropped wotv ramuh

Ramuh is the magic equivalent of Ifrit, giving the user Magic Attack +50%, so by that logic since War of the Visions is such a heavy magic-based game, Ramuh is somehow superior to Ifrit. Not hitting Ifrit at all, but Ramuh being a magic-based card opens up more formation comps than Ifrit.

The biggest downside is its Max Damage Limit +2500 side effect which, while great, only applies to lightning units, which are very lackluster in-game besides Cloud.

2 Clean the mind

Cleansing_the_Mind_from_WotV_vision_card Cropped

Just because a card is classified as a UR card doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful. The game has some very interesting sleepers in the form of MR and SR cards. One of them being Cleansing The Mind.

This card grants the user Luck +15%, which might not seem like much compared to buffs like Attack +50% and Man Eater +10, but the Luck stat can produce some very interesting strategies using units. evasion or critical hits.

1 fun time

Fun_Time_from_WotV_vision_card cropped rairyuu

Vision maps can be intimidating. Especially when starting the game and figuring out how to balance Visiore for character shards, shop items, and shooting banners. Fun Time is the best place to start when it comes to this side of the game.

Being an SR card, it is very easy and cheap to max out because more often than not, shooting for other banners will grant the player plenty of shards for the card itself. As a new player, the +10 Critical Rate buff provided by Fun Time will also come in handy when clearing PvE content like story mode or even event quests.

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