Final Fantasy VII The First TGS Soldier 2021 Open Questionnaire


Square Enix opened a kind of questionnaire before the Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier broadcast which will appear at TGS 2021. Until September 29, 2021, consumers can submit questions to Square Enix by reply to a tweet found on the Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier official Twitter account. Questions will be answered on October 3, 2021 during the scheduled presentation.

Consumers can ask any questions, as there are no limits to what can potentially be requested. This includes any questions focused on gameplay or even storytelling. More than a handful of Twitter users have already asked if the title will appear on anything other than mobile devices. Square Enix will potentially answer this question when it releases TGS 2021.

FFVII The First Soldier is a battle royale title set in the Final Fantasy VII universe. Players take on the role of a soldier and fight against each other to see who wins. In total, two game modes are available. A mode allows teams of three to line up together and compete against other teams. Another is a single queue mode.

The first soldier also features level-up mechanisms, similar to more traditional mechanisms Final fantasy securities. Players can defeat monsters to level up and increase their stats, or face mini-bosses to receive Summons to take down their opponents. A closed beta took place in June 2021, which allowed for a peek at the title.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier will appear on Android and iOS devices in 2021. The Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier The questionnaire will remain open until September 29, 2021. Questions will be answered on October 3, 2021.


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