Final Fantasy VII: the 10 best Gold Saucer games, ranked

The Gold Saucer is a famous institution in the Final fantasy world and debuted in Final Fantasy VII. It was then included in future games, including Final Fantasy XIV, which makes it a nostalgic part of the franchise. Out of the various original Gold Saucer minigames, only a few were worth grinding GP for rewards.

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Additionally, not all of the original Gold Saucer games brought in any rewards or required skill to play. However, some games were skill-based, such as G-Bike and Snow Game, which were popular enough to have their own short-lived mobile app games. But which games had the best GP rewards and wins? It depends on how much time players are willing to spend in the Gold Saucer.

ten Wonder Catcher is random with bad rewards (Wonder Square)

wrestling and arm wrestling games in the golden saucer final fantasy vii

Taking on the appearance of a crane game, Wonder Catcher is more like a Vegas slot machine. Paying 100 gil won’t earn Cloud, a Potion, Ether, Phoenix Down, Elixer, Megalixer, 1 GP, 3 GP, 80 GP, or 100 GP at random, depending on the machine Cloud uses. Ethers, Elixers, Phoenix Downs, Megalixers and the 80/100 GP prices seem to have the worst odds. Since this game is so hit and miss with its prizes, it is not highly recommended for players to waste time and make money on it.

9 3D Battler does not require any real skill (Wonder Square)

3d golden saucer fighting game in final fantasy vii

3D Battler is a rock-paper-scissors themed combat simulation game that, like Wonder Catcher, is purely based on luck. Cloud can choose a high, medium, or low attack to use against the opponent. High attacks beat low attacks, lose to medium attacks, and equal high attacks. Medium attacks beat high attacks, lose to low attacks, and equal medium attacks. And low attacks beat medium attacks, lose to high attacks, and equal low attacks. If Cloud manages to beat three opponents, he will win 300 GP, but the random nature of this game makes it a lesson in frustration.

8 Super Dunk is good for GP farming right from the start (Wonder Square)

golden saucer super dunk game in final fantasy vii

Paying 200 gil can lead to a gain of 300 GP if the players are precise in their throws of the ball. Super Dunk is by far one of the easiest Gold Saucer games to play with a decent payout if players can keep their streaks crisp, which isn’t difficult if players are timing Cloud’s throws just right.

Every 10 dunks, Cloud has a chance to double his current points … but if he fails, he will walk away with 1 GP instead. This game is best for early GP farming due to its low skill level and high payouts.

7 Mog House nets an easy 30GP, but only once (Wonder Square)

Golden Saucer Mog House Game in Final Fantasy VII

Another easy game from Gold Saucer, Mog House is all about helping Mog learn to fly so he can impress a lady and start a family. Players must give Mog some nuts to help him find his flying feat. Soon after, a female walks by and it’s time to show off her skill.

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It only takes a few more nuts for Mog to find his motivation to fly again and impress his friend, which has led them to start a family together. After completing the game, a spectator thanks Cloud 30 GP for showing him how to play the game.

6 G-Bike is fun with a good reward (Wonder Square)

Golden Saucer G-Bike in Final Fantasy VII

This one is a skill-based game instead of being entirely scripted or randomized, so players can practice their technique and earn lots of points. This game mimics the Midgar Highway chase scene earlier in the game and adds a point system to defeating enemies.

The first time players earn 10,000 or more points while playing the game, they get a Speed ​​Source item, which increases the speed stat of a chosen character. The normal reward for 10,000 points is only 10 GP, so it is not the best game in terms of GP payouts for time spent.

5 Torpedo attack requires patience and decent rewards (Wonder Square)

Golden Saucer G-Bike in Final Fantasy VII

Players will not see this game work the first time they access the Gold Saucer and will have to wait until they complete the Mako Reactor Underwater Battle later in the game.

Torpedo Attack is a replica of Mako Reactor’s underwater battle and can take up to 10 minutes, with a payout of 20 GP regardless of how they played as well as a special usable item. Players must take out enemy submarines within the 10 minute time limit and can earn up to five items in the form of drops.

4 Snow game requires skill but unlocks awesome rewards (Wonder Square)

golden saucer snow game in final fantasy vii

Like G-Bike, Snow Game requires skill, and like Torpedo Attack, this game mimics an unlockable minigame, specifically the Icicle Inn snowboard minigame. Snow Game is one of the most frustrating games to play at Gold Saucer, but the rewards are worth completing each difficulty level with a minimum score of 90 out of 100.

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Players can earn a Safety Bit accessory from the Beginner course, an All subject from the Expert course and a Crystal Bangle accessory from the Crazy course. The corresponding GP rewards are 30, 100 and 300 respectively.

3 Chocobo Racing has fantastic rewards (Chocobo Square)

chocobo race to the golden saucer in final fantasy vii

Along with being the best place to earn Gold Saucer GPs, chocobo races also earn winners a handful of great rewards, including Megalixers, rare materials, useful accessories, and hero drinks. The problem with chocobo races is that it’s not worth it until Cloud has a black or gold chocobo, which is unaffected by the different track terrain.

Betting on existing runners is an option, but it’s best if Cloud takes matters into his own hands using his own chocobo. Raising chocobos is a long and complex process, so only the most dedicated will succeed.

2 Shooting Coaster unlocks two powerful weapons (Wonder Square)

golden saucer roller coaster game in final fantasy vii

Aerith’s Umbrella and Cid’s Flayer are unlocked with this Gold Saucer game, so it is worth it for players to be skilled enough to earn the minimum 5,000 points needed to earn these items. By scoring 3000-4999 points, Cloud will gain one of three unusable items, so this game is only worthwhile for powerful weapons.

It’s a fun minigame, although it has a reputation for being difficult to score. The trick is to look for certain targets that register high scores instead of trying to shoot everything. Short button presses are also ideal.

1 Battle Square has the best rewards in the Gold Saucer

golden saucer battle square in final fantasy vii

Players who have the patience to grind Battle Square will unlock powerful rewards like Rare Material and Cloud’s Omnislash Limit Break. The rewards and rewards prices vary depending on the record players that visit the Gold Saucer, but it is well worth the time invested in earning Battle Points for rewards.

Players will want to outfit their fighter of choice with their most powerful gear and make sure to include a ribbon prop, which blocks all status effects. Each attempt is eight turns in total, and a roulette wheel chooses a new handicap with each subsequent challenge, such as having HP or MP halved for the remainder of the battle.

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