Final Fantasy V Pixel Remasterer Now Available


Square Enix continues to dribble its pixel remasters of the Final Fantasy series. FFI to IV have all been released within the past year, with an IV landing in September. Now Final Fantasy V has joined the party, letting you play the classic RPG with more faithful artwork than the ridiculous mobile ports that were available before.

Here’s the trailer, showing off its crisp, aliased lines. Ooh:

Final Fantasy V is about a boy and his chocobo who set off to save the world after some crystals are misaligned. It was previously available on PC, but only through a mobile port with improved algorithmic sprites. This new version retains the original pixelated look while running on modern monitors.

When Brendy and Katharine made their ranking of the best Final Fantasy games, FFV didn’t rank in the 9. Was it a crime? I let you play the judges and the jurors in the comments.

The ports have been mostly well received so far, with the exception of the fonts, and fans have already started fixing them.

You can grab FFV on Steam for £ 10.39 / € 14.39 with a 20% introductory discount. It is also available as part of an FFI-VI package, with VI “to come”.


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