Final Fantasy Type-0 Ultimania & Setting Document Collection now available as Japanese eBooks; 10th anniversary celebration


Square Enix has announcement as part of Final Fantasy Type-0 10th anniversary, his books Ultimania and Setting Document Collection are now available digitally as e-books. The first, priced at 1,980, contains a plethora of facts and information about the in-game developers. The frame material collection focuses on the title frame by highlighting several notable works of art and the immensity of Type-0 traditions.

the Kingdom Hearts franchise is known to have its fair share of Ultimanias, and the recently released Final Fantasy VII remake also received one. In reality, Kingdom Hearts had its first localized Ultimania earlier this year, while Final Fantasy VII remake should be released later this month. Although I do not see any of these Type-0 books receiving official English versions given its comparative niche, it is certainly within the realm of the possible.

Earlier in October of this year, Square Enix published two separate blog posts about the casting and the world of Final Fantasy Type-0. The first entry on the blog was about the nations of the world, while the second entry was about distribution. It doesn’t matter whether or not Final Fantasy Type-0 is relaunched in the near future, it’s great to see it celebrated.

Final Fantasy Type-0 is available on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.


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