Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Announces Calls of Rebellion Booster Set

The latest expansion for the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game features characters from Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- as well as a handful of reprints.

The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game grows with the brand new The Call of Rebellion booster set, which will bring even more classic Final Fantasy ever-expanding title characters.

Square Enix recently announced via a press release that The Call of Rebellion hit store shelves. The expansion brings with it all-new character-based cards from Japan only Final Fantasy mobile fallout Before the Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. Beyond Before the crisis, The Call of Rebellion also features characters from the mobile game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: War of Visions and the Final Fantasy XIV expansion Stormblood.

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The Call of Rebellion also includes many fan-requested reprints and redesigns by others Final Fantasy Trading Card Game maps. The Firion, Veritas of the Dark, and Y’shtola cards will all be getting new “Legacy Card” designs, giving them complete makeovers for fans who’d rather just fill their deck with gorgeous art. There will also be “premium versions” of some cards recently introduced to the game in the Golbez vs. Cecil starter kit, designed to bring fans into the game for the first time.

While the cards of Brave Exvius: The War of Visions and Stormblood are exciting and new releases of fan-favorite maps are welcome, the biggest thing to look forward to in The Call of Rebellion is the introduction of Before the crisis characters. Compared to others Final Fantasy VII spin off, Before the crisis never received much attention. Where Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core gets a flashy remake, Before the crisis was never even translated into English and is no longer available on its original mobile platforms.

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Because Before the crisis never made its way to the US and hasn’t been available elsewhere for some time, The Call of Rebellion may be many gamers’ first introduction to the characters in the game. Luckily, the upcoming free mobile game Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is about to recount the events of many Final Fantasy VII spin off, Before the crisis included. This means that after players have had time to add Before the crisisis thrown to them TCG Final Fantasy decks, they will have the opportunity to learn a little more about their stories.

The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game can be purchased from any online or physical retailer that stocks collectible card games. The call of rebellion is available now. Newcomers to the game can get started with the help of the recent Golbez against Cecil starter kit, which includes everything needed for two players to start.

Source: Square Enix

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