Final Fantasy Tactics is getting Bring Arts figures, and they look awesome

Ramza, Agrias and Delita get very faithful numbers

Figures are a common commodity in the gaming world. The ones that stand out a bit for me, however, are the ones that really capture the look of their subject and their game. This new batch of Bring Arts figures from Square Enix, featuring the protagonists of Final Fantasy Tacticscertainly fits the bill.

Square Enix has revealed three upcoming Bring Arts 6″ figures for Final Fantasy Tactics. The three characters that get their own minis are Ramza Beoulve, Delita Heiral, and Agrias Oaks. They all come with their own interchangeable mounts and parts, including weapons and hands.

Above all, they really capture the look of Final Fantasy Tactics. It’s pretty awesome when the numbers seem to have jumped off the cover, and these basically do that.

You can find the Ramza, Delita, and Agrias figures for pre-order here. The release date for these is expected to be October 2022, with a discount if pre-ordered before February 14.

As for Final Fantasy Tactics, well, still no Switch remaster. I know. It’s been ages since launch, and still the best options to play TFF seem to involve a phone or a PlayStation Vita. Or watch the artificial intelligence take on squads of four fighters for fun. At least when March comes, Triangle strategy will arrive to add some tactics to the fold.

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