Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series costs $ 75 and launches July 28


According to the Steam page, all six of Final Fantasy remasters will set you back around $ 75, which will drop to $ 95 after the sale ends.

Square Enix Removes Old Final Fantasy 5 & 6 Remakes Once Pixel Remaster Versions Arrive

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series was announced during Square Enix’s presentation at E3 last month. Although it was revealed just a few weeks ago, the launch is already on the horizon, as the Steam pages have already gone live for pre-purchase.

However, it also revealed just how far the Pixel Remaster collection will take us back. According to the new Steam pages, the first two games in the series will cost £ 8.99 / $ 12.99, while the others are priced at £ 12.99 / $ 17.99. To save some cash, all six titles can be purchased as a bundle for £ 54.54 / $ 74.82.

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Another revelation from the Steam page is the fact that the games will be with us much sooner than expected. The first three Final Fantasy games will launch on July 28, while the others are only scheduled for an unspecified date later this year.

The reaction to this award appears to be positive among fans. Discuss it on r / FinalFantasy, many believe that an average cost of $ 12.50 per game (when purchased in the bundle) is fair considering the length of some of them, even by modern standards. However, some fans point out that games are currently around 20% off and the price will drop to around $ 95 when the discount expires. That would put each game at an average price of $ 16, which some dispute.

Despite some concerns about the cost, this collection will finally have all the classic Final Fantasy titles on one platform. Previously, Final Fantasy V and VII saw a re-release on mobile, but this port was not well received by fans due to poor visuals. Interestingly, this was the version used for the Steam version, which will be removed when the Pixel Remaster collection launches. Others in the series have seen ports to DS and PC, while the first two haven’t graced Steam at all.

With six remasters underway this year, it’s going to be busy at Square Enix. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, a game set in the same world as the very first Final Fantasy, was also revealed when it premiered at E3. The trailer certainly received a mixed reception, but the June demo seems to have won over a few fans.

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