Final Fantasy Mobile Games Launches Limited-Time Chillhop Music Event


Chillhop and Square Enix have reunited for a limited-time collaboration event in the two Final fantasy mobile titles. At present, fans can download a special compilation album of 25 tracks created with the famous hip-hop lo-fi music label. Additionally, the team has added several new events to both games for you to acquire limited-time items and more. It’s a fun little collaboration that a lot of people are digging into, but you only have until June 8 to participate. Here are SE details on everything you can do.

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New content arrived with the Chillhop Music collaboration event in War of Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is available today through June 8 and includes:

  • Collaboration event – Players can challenge this limited-time event, which includes a lo-fi remix WOTV FFBE song from the compilation album, once a day to earn rewards.
  • Home screen background music Fans can relax with the new home screen background music, which will be the lo-fi version of the song Under the Flag Remixed by SwuM for a limited time.
  • Social campaign – Players have the chance to earn 2,500 Visiore by liking / following the official WOTV FFBE Facebook and Twitter pages and by sharing / retweeting campaign posts on these pages. All details and entry rules are available on official social channels.

New content is coming with the Chillhop Music collaboration event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius will be available from May 27 to June 26 and includes:

  • Lo-fi connection bonus Players will receive a special item called “Lo-fi Note” by logging in daily and can redeem it in the in-game exchange store to receive “Lo-fi Headphones” gear, which increases water resistance. , Ice, Wind, and Darkness by 20% negates sleep, silence, and confusion and features the Auto-Shell ability, which automatically increases SPR and reduces magical damage taken. Players can also exchange “Lo-fi Notes” for Summon Tickets, Lapis, and more.
  • Home screen background music – Fans will be treated to new home screen background music during the collaboration period with a Chillhop Music collaboration song titled Recall moment, Remixed by SwuM.

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