Final Fantasy Crisis Core and 9 other awesome games that are still PSP exclusive

Every entertainment industry experiences growth and change, but it’s remarkable how video games have evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry that is capable of giving the film and television industries a run for their money. There are a lot of important players in the video game industry, but for decades, Sony and its PlayStation consoles have helped advance the medium in a significant way.

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Sony continues to hold an enviable position in the console market, but there was also a time when they have opted for pocket computers with their PSP and PS Vita. These handhelds remain fascinating relics of their time, and although many of their games have ended up on more popular services, some PSP games remain tied to the niche handheld.

ten Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII works as a crucial prequel to the classic game

the Final fantasy the series remains a hallmark of PlayStation consoles and there is still a lot of debate as to whether Final Fantasy VII is the top of the series. Square a repeatedly returned to Final Fantasy VII universe, most recently with a massive remake / re-imagining, but it was happening much earlier on the PSP. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a prequel to the original game that makes Zack Fair the protagonist. Crisis core is a fascinating extension of Final Fantasy VII which overlaps the original in a really exciting way rather than manipulative or flattering.

9 3rd Anniversary brings Aya Brea back for a mature RPG-shooter hybrid

parasite eve 3rd birthday

Square Enix has built its reputation on the legendary Final fantasy series, but some of their most interesting games are their titles which do not meet with the same universal success. Parasite watch and its sequel are cranky PlayStation titles where Square dabbled in survival horror and shootout mechanics with their usual RPG flair. 3rd anniversary is the final Parasite watch game, but it comes more than a decade after its predecessor. Audiences are always hungry for more adventures by Aya Brea, which makes it almost insulting that this entry in the series is still not available to most people.

8 Ape Quest brings back the Ape Escape series as an original RPG

PSP Ape Quest Ceremony

the Monkey escape Games play an important role in the history of the PlayStation with how they helped make analog sticks the standard for the console. The core Monkey escape the series fell into oblivion, but the PSP briefly became a home for stray monkeys, whether through the Ape Escape Academy collections of mini-games or more ambitious spin-offs.

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Monkey Quest transforms the adorable platform puzzle into a surprisingly deep RPG. Monkey Quest looks like it could have been the new leadership that Monkey escape continues to decline, but the title’s exclusivity on the PSP has probably dashed those hopes.

7 Mega Man Powered Up is an incredible remake of the original that goes beyond

PSP Mega Man Powered Up Attack

It’s common for retro video games to get modern remasters, and one of the main uses of the PSP was to provide portable adaptations of classic PlayStation and PlayStation 2 titles. the Mega man Games, but the PSP Mega Man Under Power rebuilds the original title from scratch. Not only Mega Man Under Power boast an adorable art style, but it’s packed with extra perks like the ability to play in-game like any Robot Master. There were plans for more Mega Man Under Power titles which unfortunately did not take place.

6 Metal Gear Acid and its sequel turn the classic PlayStation Stealth into a card fight

PSP Metal Gear Acid 2 Combat

the Solid metal gear The influence of the series on Sony consoles is undeniable, and they used their handhelds to push the franchise in new directions. There are revolutionaries Solid metal gear entries on the PS Vita that made their way onto home consoles, but the same treatment didn’t happen with the PSP’s much more niche efforts, Metal Gear Acid and its sequel. Acronym for Active Command Intelligence Duel, the spin-off combines Metal Gear Solid Stealth and tactical gameplay with the mechanics of a turn-based card game RPG. It’s something that everything Solid metal gear or turn-based RPG fans should experience it.

5 Daxter splits beloved platform duo and meets with great success

Daxter spin-off on PSP

Naughty Dog is a crucial developer behind some of Sony’s biggest console titles. Naughty Dog contributions with Crash Bandicoot and Unexplored cannot be overstated, but their series of platforms, Jacques and Daxter, always receives a lot of love.

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the Jacques and Daxter The series may not be made for good, but the PSP has tried to do something interesting by dividing up the duo and giving Daxter his own solo adventure. It’s a risk that pays off, but the spinoff series has failed to thrive properly because it’s stuck as a PSP exclusive.

4 MediEvil: Resurrection gives 1998 classic a much needed facelift

PSP MediEvil Resurrection Fight

the MediEvil The series is one of the most original contributions to come for the PlayStation, and it represents a significant push towards more creative storytelling. Sir Daniel Fortesque is a wonderfully unique hero, but the original games are largely products of their time. A sophisticated PlayStation 4 remake of MediEvil was recently released, but in 2005 the PSP introduced MediEvil: Resurrection, a handheld computer reinvented from the first game in the series. MediEvil: Resurrection may seem less essential due to the recent MediEvil versions, but there is still a lot of passion and additional content in this package.

3 Monster Hunter Freedom and its sequel bring gigantic games to the portable world

Monster Hunter Freedom Attack on PSP

Capcom Monster hunter The series has always been a big draw in Japan, but it took a while for the franchise to find its footing elsewhere. Now there’s even a feature film adaptation that’s out. The PSP marks a more basic era for the series and the advent of portable versions of classic games was a huge deal. Liberty Monster Hunter is a remastered version of the first two games in the series, with an emphasis on Monster Hunter G. His follow-up attacks the PlayStation 2 Monster Hunter 2, but in fact its own rather than just being a port.

2 Phantasy Star Portable and its sequel bring the awe-inspiring MMORPG to handhelds

PSP Phantasy Star Portable 2 Battle

by Séga Fantasy star The RPG series has emerged as a satisfying alternative to Final Fantasy, but the franchise slowly turned to tthe MMORPG genre, where he really knew how to find his voice. There have been several ports of Fantastic Star Online and Universe who try to bring the sprawling experience to new audiences. Rather than direct ports, the PSP is developing its own Fantasy star extension with Fantastic Star Portable and its sequel. The games take place after the conclusion of Fantasy star Universe, and it’s remarkable how much these games pile up in Sony’s portable machine.

1 Patapon 3 is a masterpiece of creative rhythm that surpasses its predecessors

PSP Patapon 3 Battle

For a long time it was assumed that rhythm games could only match titles on music, but there have been inventive ways to combine rhythm game mechanics with completely different genres. Patapon is a rhythm-based series that combines mechanics with an action-adventure story that makes perfect use of the capabilities of the PSP. The first two Patapon games made their way to home PlayStation consoles, but 2011 Patapon 3 is still stuck on the PlayStation Portable. It’s a shame because Patapon 3 only continues the magic of the series and is the furthest thing from a disappointing sequel.

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