Final Fantasy creators join Oasys blockchain, players complain

Square Enix, the Japanese game developer behind the beloved Final Fantasy franchise, has signed on as a node validator for blockchain gaming project Oasys, with the duo also teaming up to create blockchain games. .

Predictably, the move drew criticism from some members of the crypto-hating and NFT-hating gaming community, angered that the company continues to focus more on blockchain technology.

In an announcement on Monday, Oasys revealed that Square Enix had jumped on board to be the project’s 21st Node Validator, filling the final slot of initial validators.

Going forward, the duo will also partner to develop new games on Oasys’ EVM-enabled proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain, which hopes to become a hub for Triple-A-grade games with play integrations. -to-earn (P2E). .

Square Enix joins a host of big names in gaming to partner with Oasys such as Sega, Double Jump, Bandai Namco and Ubisoft – the latter also having a troubled history with gamers pushing back against the company’s NFT gaming initiative Quartz.

The forks are out

While the prospect of having reputable gaming giants behind a blockchain project is good news in the blockchain world, the mainstream gaming community did not welcome Square Enix’s move.

The gamer reported the news, with the caption: “Square Enix puts its dreaded NFT plans in motion by teaming up with Crypto Company.”

Square Enix Article: The Gamer

“Unlike most video game developers who have decided to announce their adventures in the jpeg-filled world of NFTs, Square Enix has only doubled down,” the article notes, as it questions the Previous statements by Square Enix President and CEO Yosuke Matsuda on introducing P2E Elements into games:

“He probably ignored the fact that so many NFT games aren’t just scams, but also seem like they were made by a real bored monkey.”

On Twitter, player ShyVortex said the partnership was “really disgusting. Never buy a Square Enix game again,” while eramaster12 asked, “what does it take to f#ckin force them to quit?

Pilnok also added that it “became boring and embarrassing” and ManuelRomer2 added: “And why not just? »

Square Enix and blockchain

Square Enix has gradually ramped up its blockchain-related plans in 2022, despite the pushback.

Matsuda said in a New Year’s letter in January that he was particularly interested in the idea of ​​introducing blockchain-enabled “token economies” into games to incentivize players and users who generate content to add games.

“As token economies advance, users will receive explicit incentives, which will not only result in greater consistency in their motivation, but will also create tangible benefit for their creative efforts,” he wrote.

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While blockchain has yet to make it into Square Enix’s games, the company kicked things off in July by releasing token character figurines for $129.99 featuring characters such as Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy.

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