Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Tifa’s best quotes

Final Fantasy 7 Remake follows the story of Cloud Strife, a former SOLDIER who joins forces with an eco-terrorist group known as Avalanche in hopes of saving the planet. Although he is the game’s main protagonist, his childhood friend, Tifa, can regularly be seen stealing the show.

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Tifa Lockhart is a shy and soft-spoken character, so her combat skills can come as a shock once she makes her debut on the battlefield. Her physical strength is unmatched, but many forget the power she wields behind the spoken word. Throughout the events of the game, Tifa delivers some of the most powerful lines ever featured in the Final Fantasy series.


ten “I’m fine. You’ve seen how good ass I can kick.”

To gain access to Don Corneo’s mansion, Tifa decides to audition to be his next bride. While going to Wall Market, she is discovered by Cloud. The mercenary insists that her plan is far too dangerous, to which Tifa replies “It’ll be fine. You’ve seen how much ass I can kick.”

Tifa knows her plan is far from safe, but if her friends and family are in danger, she will do anything to protect them. She thinks the only way to find out what the Don is up to is to confront him on his turf, even if that results in his imprisonment.

9 “They took everything from us. Again.”

The Shinra Electric Power Company destroyed countless lives in its quest for power, but one life was affected more than others. Without Shinra, Tifa’s hometown of Nibelheim would never have been destroyed, her father would still be alive, and the Sector 7 plaque would never have fallen.

Tifa’s emphasis on “Again” shows the pain Shinra continues to cause her. It seems no matter where she goes, Shinra is always near, ready to dismantle her life once again.

8 “I don’t care! I don’t want anyone else to die, please!”

Tifa joins Barret and Cloud as they venture to destroy their second Mako Reactor. Boarding the train that will take them to the surface, their identities are discovered, causing Shinra to deploy several Slug-Ray robots to attack them.

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Tifa gets the remaining passengers out of the car before one of them asks why she is helping them. He reminds her that he works for Shinra and is the enemy, but Tifa replies “I don’t want anyone else to die”. Although Shinra is constantly trying to ruin her life, Tifa is still able to distinguish between the good and bad numbers associated with the business.

seven “You have to be better than that… if you want to play the hero.”

After fighting with Rufus Shinra, Cloud gets shot from a Shinra military helicopter. He loses his footing and clings to the side of Shinra headquarters before losing his grip. Tifa shows up just in time to catch him before he collapses to his death.

She says “You have to be better than that…if you want to play the hero”, implying that he has no right to give up as easily as he does. Even though the odds are stacked against him, Tifa encourages him to smile in the face of danger because that’s what a true hero would do.

6 “Spill the beans, or…I’ll crush them.”

As the story progresses, Tifa becomes more assertive in her life. Primarily seen as a shy character who rarely speaks her mind, the line “Spill the beans, or…I’ll crush them” reveals the extent of her dedication to protecting those she loves.

She infiltrates Corneo’s lair and demands that he reveal why he sent his henchmen to ask about Avalanche in the Sector 7 slums. When he denies any knowledge of this, she threatens him with this line, revealing the Don’s cowardice. Tifa’s fury often comes from her fists, but this line shows the true power of her words.

5 “Cloud can carry all our stuff.”

Tifa lets much of her rage flow through her fists, but there are few outlets where she lets her sense of humor shine through. Aerith asks Tifa what she will do once she saves Sector 7 and Tifa thinks about going shopping upstairs.

She says she would like to buy some additions for her bar and Aerith asks to join her. As they walk together, Tifa remarks that “Cloud can carry all of our stuff.” It’s refreshing to see Tifa so carefree, especially when the world around her constantly seeks to disrupt her happiness.

4 “What’s happening to you all of a sudden? Like you’re losing that tough side.”

Cloud’s journey to Sector 7 revealed that he had become an entirely different person than Tifa once knew. Since their childhood, Cloud has undergone a substantial change in character, and Tifa calls him out on it.

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Cloud reveals that he agreed to Tifa’s request to help Avalanche only because she asked for it. As a child, Cloud promised to save Tifa if she ever got into trouble, and coming back to her side during the events of the game was his way of keeping that promise. Revealing this to him, Tifa remarks that Cloud is “losing that tough side”.

3 “I’m sick of it. I’m sick of it all.”

Upon finding out about Shinra’s plan to paint Avalanche as the villains, she exclaims “I’m sick of it. I’m sick of all this”, but it’s not the first time she’s said those words. A brief flashback shows Tifa holding her lifeless father in her arms. This scene sees her uttering the same line before picking up Sephiroth’s sword and walking away to confront the one-winged angel.

This line marks Tifa’s breaking point, a point she rarely yields to. Having once fallen victim to Shinra’s cruel methods, she refuses to be harmed by them again. She is tired of having to endure the pain they cause her and these lines serve to underline her frustrations.

2 “Oh my God, that makeup and that dress!”

After entering Don Corneo’s mansion, Tifa is held captive in the mansion’s dungeon before seeing the Don. While she waits, two other candidates are brought in to join her, but it takes her a moment to recognize one of them.

Cloud’s makeover made him unrecognizable to Tifa. It’s not until Cloud asks her if she’s okay that she begins to piece together her identity. Instead of questioning Cloud’s new fashion sense, she immediately goes to compliment him on his new style. This line further cements the idea that Gaia is a world where “notions of gender do not apply”.

1 “‘We will meet again.’ It is a symbol of reunion.”

The theme of the meeting is the most important element seen throughout Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Sephiroth’s reliance on Jenova cell reunion is perhaps most notable, but not all reunion ideas originate from evil.

After Cloud gives her a flower, she searches for it to find out its meaning. She learns that it symbolizes reunion and later explains its meaning to Leslie Kyle, one of Corneo’s henchmen. Before disappearing, Leslie’s girlfriend gave him a locket, but he wasn’t sure what it meant. Tifa suggests it could be a “symbol of reunion”, rekindling Leslie’s hope of one day reuniting with her lost lover.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 is in development.

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