Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 May Change Cid More Than Any Other Character


Cid Highwind has a complicated relationship with his partner in Final Fantasy 7 who will likely see changes in FF7 Remake Part 2.

With Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 In development, fans can’t wait to meet more of the original’s cast. Intergrade, the upgraded PS5 version of Final Fantasy 7 remake is set to feature Yuffie in his own DLC episode. Three other main members of the original’s group remain in hiding so far: Vincent Valentine, Cait Sith, and Cid Highwind. The last of these is likely to receive some of the biggest character changes in the remake to date.

Final Fantasy 7 remake has already made many changes to the original. Focusing the first part of what was likely to be a full trilogy on the introduction of the original game meant fleshing out the game much more. The Town of Midgar was expanded into a full-scale game that felt lived in and full of life. character. Some plot points were expanded like the conflict between the Shinra and Yuffie’s home country, Wutai. And many of the supporting characters were given proper exploration that helped bring back the strength of their loss in the later stages of the game. With the next game likely to introduce Cid Highwind, his character will likely receive some serious tone changes.

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How Cid May Change For Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2

Final Fantasy 7 remake has so far done a good job of fleshing out character development, even in what was chronologically a shorter amount of time. Same Cloud Final fantasy-The classic bad attitude starts to be more positive at the end of the first game. With even more of the original’s story set to change now that the characters have defied fate by beating the Whispers, managing Cid’s character development will likely be a hurdle in bringing him to modern audiences.

In his last appearances as Advent children and join many others Final fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts, Cid Highwind is portrayed as a shriveled, gruff, but well-meaning, almost bumpkin character. Despite his prowess as a pilot and engineer, the character is portrayed as a sort of “cranky but lovable old man” of the group. Although when Cid first appears in the original Final Fantasy 7 he is much less likable of a person. His relationship with fellow Space Program fellow and implied romantic partner Shera is incredibly verbally abusive.

Cid constantly and aggressively berates Shera, after blaming her for the failed mission that was supposed to make Cid the first person to travel to space. It’s later revealed that the mission failure was Shinra’s fault (understandably) but it wasn’t until much later in the game that Cid accepted it and developed a better relationship with Shera. Since he will almost certainly join the other party members in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2, Cid’s aggression towards Shera will likely be repelled if not completely changed.

The original Final Fantasy 7 censored much of its strong language with symbol strings replacing most of the cursed words. In most cases, this gave a comedic effect to Cid’s dialogue, with entire text boxes almost censored. But in cases where Shera was addressed directly, the tone was incredibly abusive. The player must guess exactly which words were used, but their context makes them difficult to guess incorrectly. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 already has a lot to do and Cid and Shera’s relationship will certainly be one of them.

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Cid Highwind will be important for FF7 Remake Part 2

One could certainly argue that Cid’s character development is directly related to this negative relationship, as he would later admit his faults to Shera. The problem is, Shera is described as being subjected to Cid in some sort of penance for the failed space mission. She is also unaware that Shinra was to blame and takes full responsibility for the event. Just like some of the heavier elements that will accompany Vincent’s introduction to Final Fantasy 7 remakeFinding a way to include this relationship in a way that shows real character growth without reinforcing certain stereotypes will be a balancing act.

So far, fans of the remake project have already been surprised that some things about Final Fantasy 7 have not been modified for the remake. Many were surprised to see the Wall Market crossdressing event not only included but developed. It is therefore a safe bet that the dynamics of Cid and Shera will remain largely unchanged. While this may be true, at a minimum, it is likely that the volume of verbal abuse initiated by Shera will be mitigated. The language of Cid alone would win Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 a Mature rating if it is not adjusted or censored in some way.

Again, if handled well, the dynamic between Cid and Shera could become one of the Final Fantasy 7 remake more interesting subplots. The game is already filled with well-reviewed discussions of sanity and identity that were premonitory over twenty years ago. A nuanced look at a relationship that escalated into abuse on the basis of refusing to accept miscommunication could spur the next one Final Fantasy 7 remake in art territory, even if only briefly before returning to chocobo racing. Cid Highwind becomes one of the party’s key figures, even taking on the leadership role for a while after Cloud’s mental collapse.

In a modern landscape that doesn’t want to see some of the Final Fantasy’s repeated dated stereotypes when it has already shown its ability to advance video game storytelling, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 must take a long look at Cid Highwind. Developing your relationship with Shera will be an important part of bringing the classic story to new audiences. And with so much potential to do the subplot well, Square Enix probably took that into consideration. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 has plenty to do, including Cid Highwind.

With so much about the future of Final Fantasy 7 remake still pending when it comes to her narrative, fans are now expecting more change than ever before. Intergrade brings a lot of outside elements to the main game and will have to do it skillfully. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 arguably has the bigger task of bringing more of the original classic, and part of that adaptation will be changing Cid Highwind and his story to better tell what could be a hard-hitting story for many fans.

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