Final Fantasy 7 Remake fan creates a real-life version of Cloud’s Buster sword


A Redditor shares footage of his real-life rendition of Cloud Strife’s Sword Buster from Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which can be dismantled.

One of the most iconic weapons of the Final fantasy RPG series, and perhaps in games in general, is Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword. Barring a few minor details, the style of the sword has changed very little since its debut in 1997, but the release of Final Fantasy 7 remake in 2020 sparked a new wave of inspiration among creative gamers and cosplayers.

Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword is a gigantic, single-edged broadsword that can only realistically be used in a fictional universe. He’s about the same length as Cloud, so about five to six feet and about a foot wide. In most iterations of the sword, the handle is a reddish brown color, sometimes wood and sometimes leather. The blade itself is riveted to the handle with five bolts on each side, and two Final fantasy the materia slots are located near the handguard.

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A Reddit user by the name of SirFranku recently posted images of their detailed and real-life take on Cloud’s Buster Sword, with the design specifically taken from Final Fantasy 7 remake. The sword looks realistic, standing while the creator is tall, with a wrapped hilt, five rivet points near the hilt, and two slits containing green material. In the Reddit post, SirFranku explained that they’ve been fondling the idea of ​​creating the Buster Sword for the past three to four years, and that it would likely take 40-60 hours of work to rebuild the Sword at start from nothing.

Final Fantasy 7 remake fan made of Cloud Buster Sword 2

SirFranku’s version of Cloud Strife’s Sword Buster can be broken down to fit in a suitcase, although it takes around 45 minutes to put it back together. A unique aspect of the images shown on Reddit is that the sword is shown in different stages of assembly, displaying the inner structure, the various elements that make up the blade, and the sheath that gives the sword its outer appearance.

Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword has served as an inspiration for many creatives, and an online search for “Buster Sword” will yield a variety of images of the different versions of the weapon. Last year, a YouTuber called Crafty Transformer created an all-cardboard Buster Sword and shared the models online so others can create their own.

Another Final Fantasy 7 remake fan, YouTuber Allen Pan, decided to take the more realistic route, building a replica of the Buster Sword that weighs around 50 pounds. However, the sword’s weight distribution requires 150 foot-pounds of torque to actually lift. Pan therefore spent $ 900 to buy an exoskeleton that would allow him to swing the heavy sword more easily.

Final Fantasy 7 remake is available on PS4 and PS5.

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