Final Fantasy 7 mod turns Sephiroth into McDonalds mascot

Sephiroth wearing Ronald McDonald red wig and makeup says "Mmm, mmm, mmm, I love it."

Picture: Square Enix / Crandif / Kotaku

Literally, what is it? It’s been less than a week since we are in 2022 and already the shit has started. Modules for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade started arriving shortly after her struggling pc release last month, but I certainly didn’t expect someone to get sick and give Sephiroth the Ronald McDonald makeover.

Okay, technically the mod, called “Sephironald” was released on December 29th (Thank you Polygon), but since everyone was collectively busy trying to erase 2021 from their memory, I firmly envision it in the 2022 window of internet abominations. Modder Crandifthe job does one thing and only one thing: to do a color palette swap on Sephiroth so that the FFVII remake the antagonist changes from ex-SOLDIER 1st Class to looking like the mascot of McDonald’s during the time he was going through his Juggalo phase in the late ’90s.

Final Fantasy VII remake takes the classic 1997 JRPG and reimagines it with stunning modern graphics and a few story twists that longtime fans didn’t necessarily see coming. At the center of it all is Sephiroth, an all-time video game villain famous in part for being accompanied by a fight song that included singers singing in Latin. God forgive those who choose to defile part of it with a fast food clown.

Of course, as noted Polygon, McSephiroth is nothing new. The mashup meme has a long and strange history, from cosplay to mods for other games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Who doesn’t remember the epic showdown between McSephiroth and KFC Cloud?

For those who don’t want an apocalyptic Ronald McDonald to haunt their game, or their dreams for that matter, there are plenty of other more relaxing mods to FFVII remake on PC, including one to let Cloud wear his dress throughout the game, one to replace Aerith’s weapons with chairs, and a few at help increase overall performance.


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