Final Fantasy 7 Fan Undoes Remake Changes Using Mods

A Final Fantasy VII Remake fan uses camera mods to create a digital diorama reminiscent of the isometric view of the 1997 original.

A new Final Fantasy VII Remake mod recreates the isometric view and fixed camera of the 1997 original using the art style of the new game, with impressive results. The resounding success of the 2020s Final Fantasy VII Remake was ported to PC via the Epic Games Store last December, opening the door to all sorts of creative mods. So far, fans have given Cloud and Aerith outlandish weapons like a keytar and a steel chair, revamped Cloud and Sephiroth to look like disturbing versions of The Joker and Ronald McDonald, and swapped Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s Cloud for his best friend and mentor Zack Fair.

Some of them Final Fantasy VII Remake the mods even replaced the game’s modern camera with the fixed view from the original 1997 version of Final Fantasy VII, as well as changing battles to have Cloud and his teammates form up in a row like they did on the old PlayStation. These changes were among the most drastic to come from Final Fantasy VII Remakewho reconsidered FFVII characters like Tifa Lockhart and expanded the opening hours of the original game as Team Avalanche battled the forces of ShinRa in the cyberpunk city of Midgar. Final Fantasy VII Remake would win over fans of the old Final Fantasy VII and newcomers come with its bold new styling, but some are still nostalgic for the look and feel of the original.

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Enter Flurdeh, a talented YouTuber who recently used camera mods to recreate the original’s top-down camera Final Fantasy VII in an impressive montage video (via PCGamesN). Indeed, this video shows a bird’s eye view of several places in Final Fantasy VII Remake, featuring the choppy framerate of the old 1997 title as the citizens of Midgar rush through their daily lives, ShinRa forces scramble to contain a fire, and Cloud and Aerith wander through the alleyways and outskirts of the city. Flurdeh did it for other titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 in the past, hoping to createminiature worlds” which look like tabletop games using camera mods from modders like Francois Bouma. However, this was only done to create an artistic video rather than something playable.

Fans are still waiting for the next episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake, which will see Cloud and his friends flee ShinRa to the world beyond the borders of Midgar – as well as dealing with the timeline-altering ramifications of the previous game’s shocking ending. However, details about Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 have been rare and players are wondering if they will even see new footage of the game this year. In the meantime, Square Enix has announced several new features Final Fantasy VII– related spin-offs such as Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisisessentially a mobile-based retelling of all previous games from the old Final Fantasy VII expanded universe.

Meanwhile, Flurdeh’s digital diorama captures the stunning beauty of Final Fantasy VII RemakeThe game world with an isometric view reminiscent of the original 1997 title that took the world by storm and helped put PlayStation on the map when it comes to JRPGs. It may still be some time before players can return to the world of Final Fantasy VII Remakebut creative fans like Flurdeh expose this world for all to see.

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Source: Flurdeh/YouTube (via PCGamesN), Frans Bouma/Twitter

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