Final Fantasy 7 fan presents amazing Cloud and Red XIII cosplay

A Final Fantasy 7 cosplayer shares a Cloud Strife cosplay on social media with an additional appearance of the rarely-pictured Red XIII.

Final fantasy 7 has been one of the gems of the JRPG genre since its release in 1997, and fans have long created cosplays and tributes to the iconic game. There have been countless timeless cosplays of Final fantasy 7many characters created over the years, including a particularly stunning photo of Cloud Strife by a Japanese cosplayer.

As the protagonist of one of the most beloved video games of all time, Cloud is a commonly cosplayed character. Its simple yet distinct design is easy to recognize even without the Giant Sword by its side, but some of the most memorable Cloud Strife cosplays incorporate the Buster Sword for fantastic results.

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In a photo shared on Twitter in 2020, Japanese cosplayer soL sits in front of a tree, Buster Sword in hand, wearing the full Shinra outfit. They specifically cosplay the Final Fantasy 7 remake version of Cloud, which may explain why their hair is less spiky than what Cloud’s classic design shows. They are accompanied by a companion more rarely cosplayed: Red XIII. Final fantasy 7 fans often share cosplays of Tifa Lockhart and other human characters, but Red XIII is a huge red lion-like creature, and it can be difficult to make non-humanoid cosplays look good in real life.

It’s hard to say if the Red XIII in this image is a doll or the result of some clever image editing, but it looks great in the frame anyway. It’s not the only time he’s cosplayed as Cloud, but Red XIII’s appearance makes him one of the most striking. They also posted a fight photoshoot with Reno as described by the Twitter user. KZ_G7s. These shots would fit perfectly into the list of Reno cosplays that would be the pride of the Turks.

The Japanese cosplayer also took a series of night photos with Zack Fair of Twitter user bekkusu7. Zack Fair is perhaps one of the most interesting Final fantasy 7 characters, and part of the mystery surrounding it shines through in these images. Most of the time, these images are a tribute to the bond between two young men who lived through hell together.

While soL’s Cloud cosplay is striking, they’ve also cosplayed at least one more Final fantasy protagonist, Noctis Lucis Caelum, as well as characters from the mobile game Twisted-Wonderland and the animated Black jack. They might not be one of the most prolific or well-known cosplayers on the internet, but the quality of their work is undeniable.

Final Fantasy 7 remake is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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