Final Fantasy 3 was originally intended to have a fifth member

Final Fantasy III has four party members, but one of the main supporting characters was originally slated to be the fifth party member.

The original plans of Final Fantasy III were more ambitious than fans realized, as the game was expected to have five members during development. While the first three Final fantasy titles had four party members, FF4 had five. however, FF3 was nearly the first game in the series to add a fifth party member before those plans were scrapped.

the Final fantasy The series had many different numbers of party members available throughout its run, with 3 and 4 party members being the most common in combat. The advantages and disadvantages are similar to festive compositions in Dungeons & Dragons. A smaller group is easier to manage, while a group of five can survive more dangerous encounters. This is why groups of adventurers with four characters are often considered the ideal number, as they link management and survivability.

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In FF2, The group has three recurring characters throughout the game, with a fourth slot reserved for guest characters who join and leave according to the story. It appears that a similar approach has been planned for FF3 at one point, but it didn’t make it into the final version of the game. FF4 game designer and screenwriter Takashi Tokita was recently interviewed by Square Enix’s official website for the game’s 30th anniversary, but he also worked on FF3. He discussed the initial plans to FF3 during the interview.

How FF 3’s Desch almost became a member of the group

According to Tokita, FF3 Originally was to have a five-member party, with the fifth character being Desch. In the final version of the game, several characters join the party, but do not participate in combat. That ended up being Desch’s role. Desch is amnesiac, who briefly joins players in search of clues to his past. He later guides the group through Owen’s Tower and assists them in the final battle against the Cloud of Darkness. In the 3D remake of FF3, Desch (and the other supporting characters) could help the random party by performing a special attack during combat.

It is likely that technical problems prevented the concept of a five-member party from appearing in FF3, because the game was already pushing the NES to its limits. In the end, the four main characters were just blank slates on which the player had to project a personality. It was only after the 3D remake that the party in FF3 received distinctive personalities and motivations. In many ways, the 3D remake of Final Fantasy III is the top version of the game, thanks to its improved characterization and fleshed out system of work, although Desch never reached the position of primary band member.

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Source: Square Enix

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