Final Fantasy 16: 10 things we know so far

Final Fantasy 16 is one of the most anticipated games, especially for JRPG fans. So far, the franchise has released a total of 15 mainstream games along with various spinoffs. FFXVI is nearly complete and with that, many players are as excited as they come. So, in this guide, we will cover 10 things we know so far about Final Fantasy 16 listing many new features.

Final Fantasy 16 is surely going to be a blast with the efforts of the developers and producers and the fans are equally excited to experience it. There are plenty of additional changes and new features that would surely make Final Fantasy 16 a worthy experience. If you’re a fan of sports games, we’ve put together similar guides for Skate 4 and Fifa 2023 that will keep you up to date with everything you need to know.

Final Fantasy 16 is packed with exciting new features. The developers go all out to introduce lots of new mechanics to piss off the fans. Final Fantasy 16 looks like a promising game and as the release date approaches, so do the expectations of the fans.

Final Fantasy 16

No open world

Open World games are definitely the norm in the gaming industry. We see that most RPGs are open world these days. Although the open world genre is massively popular among RPG games. Final Fantasy 16 would not be an open world. It’s certainly a bold move on the part of the franchise and fans can’t wait to find out where the game is headed.

According to the producer, Yoshida Final Fantasy 16 would be inspired by Open World games. However, instead of an open world, fans could visit different areas to give the game an all-encompassing feel. Final Fantasy 16 would feature a new Valisthea land that would include six different regions.

Part controlled by AI

The Final Fantasy franchise is known for featuring party members to help in combat. However, it looks like they are changing the party system from previous games. According to producer Yoshida, Final Fantasy 16 will feature a fully AI-controlled party while players can focus on battling Clive.

Additionally, one or two companions traveled alongside Clive on his journey. This is also different from some previous games where a party was much bigger.

Party Members Arc

Clive will have a few party members traveling alongside him like in all Final Fantasy games. However, more emphasis would be given to companions in Final Fantasy 16. It seems that companions would also have their story arcs that would respond significantly to their character development.

Fans are also expecting these band members to play a bigger role in Clive’s story as well. This should definitely be exciting as we would become more familiar with the party members as we continue our journey through the Valisthea region. If you like RPGs, you can also check out our similar Midnight Suns guide which will keep you up to date with all the new additional features.

Easier to discover mode

If you are a casual gamer who just wants to enjoy the story instead of punishing yourself in hard modes. Well, there is good news for you as Naoki Yoshida has announced that Final Fantasy 16 will have a simpler mode which will allow players to focus more on the story.

This mode would definitely help many players, especially those who find combat difficult. Some players are often blocked by various difficult bosses. However, playing the game in this mode now would definitely help many Final Fantasy 16 players. This mode would allow players to attack various opponents in slow motion and also allow for auto combos.

Action based system

FFXVI Action-Based Combat

It looks like Final Fantasy 16 would have an action-based combat system. Most previous entries in the Final Fantasy series were turn-based, however, it seems Yoshida decided to stick with a real-time skill-based combat system.

The real-time combat system would require players to use their skills with their controllers. They would be required to carefully inflict damage at the right time while dodging dangerous attacks. This combat system will certainly appeal to many fans who don’t prefer a turn-based combat system that requires simple strategy.

Summon Eikons

Details about Final Fantasy 16

Eikons are destructive summoned beast-like creatures that require a human host called the Dominant. There are various characters in Final Fantasy 16 that you will find wearing an Eikon. The Dominant can summon their Eikons and transform into these beasts.

Naoki Yoshida thinks seeing these Eikons battling each other should definitely be exciting. Clive using his Eikons against the Eikons of various enemies would give an explosive combat experience. The Final Fantasy logo also shows Eikons facing each other in battle.

The addition of Odin

It’s interesting to see Odin back in Final Fantasy 16 after seeing him in many previous games in the franchise. Odin is often considered one of the standout summons and it’s interesting to see him return as Eikon in the game. Many fans expect Odin to play a bigger role in Final Fantasy 16 However, out of 10 things we know about Final Fantasy 16 so far, nothing is confirmed yet.


Final fantasy 16 novelties

Recently in an interview, Naoki Yoshida revealed the name of the dog shown in the first trailer. Apparently the pup is a wolf named Torgal. Many fans expect him to be a party member. However, Yoshida said fans should wait and see an announcement and declined to confirm anything.

Fans have been hoping Torgal will play a much bigger role in the story since his name was teased by the producer. The character of this cute puppy absolutely must not go in the trash.

Game/movie combination

Naoki Yoshida said Final Fantasy 16 would feel like playing a movie. According to him, he tried to seamlessly integrate the elements of a game and a movie into Final Fantasy 16. He intends to give players an “interactive game/movie” experience.

Developer Devil May Cry

Apparently one of capcom’s expert game developers Ryota Suzuki who previously worked on Devil May Cry is on the core development team for Final Fantasy 6. According to Yoshida, they struggled to develop the battle system action-based. However, Ryota Suzuki helped them immensely.

According to Yoshida, he was able to design ability trees for Clive effortlessly. Ryota Suzuki being part of the development team is exciting because fans could get a fighting experience on par with the Devil May Cry franchise.


From what we know so far, Final Fantasy 16 certainly looks like a promising game that fans would love to check out. The game developers promise to deliver a masterpiece by trying hard to improve the combat aspects. Although the game is not an open world, independent exploration of the area certainly looks very promising.

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