Final Fantasy 14 removes the belts by not really removing the belts


Square Enix has detailed how it’s going to go about removing the belts in Final Fantasy 14, and the answer is that it doesn’t really remove them properly.

The information comes from Lodestone’s latest blog post, titled “Belts Removed in Patch 6.0”. The post details what will happen to the belts when patch 6.0 is removed. Ultimately, rather than being removed from the game altogether, the tweaks will instead make them completely useless and unequipped. They are still there.

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The blog post reads, “Belts will no longer be obtainable or equipable after the release of patch 6.0. In light of this change, the armory chest slots assigned to belts will be reassigned to primary weapons and rings. Belts on your characters, restraints, and mannequins will also be removed, along with all belt-making recipes. ”

There’s a pretty long list of things you won’t be able to do with Belts, including equipping, repairing, obtaining, and purchasing them. You will not be able to affix or extract material from it either. If you don’t see it yet, the belts are essentially rendered non-functional and unusable.

After all this belt bashing, you would expect Square to remove them from the game altogether. However, it says, “Although the belts can no longer be equipped after patch 6.0, they will not be removed from the game.” It’s unclear why Square chooses to keep the belts in-game if they’re completely unusable, but it’s all in an effort to reduce the in-game’s inventory management a bit.

One specific belt that fans have been asking questions about since the announcement of the belt removal is the Speed ​​Belt, which is a pretty sought-after item. Luckily, Square addressed it in the blog, saying, “Speed ​​Belts obtained from Eureka Pagos can be exchanged for an equivalent ring by speaking with the Calamity Reclaimer in any city.” It’s not quite a belt, but at least the functionality will be the same.

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