Final Fantasy 14 Players Successfully Complete A Treasure Map As Collection Tasks

A group of intrepid Final Fantasy 14 players eliminate monsters from a treasure map using all the collection tasks.

Final Fantasy 14 fans are always looking for absurd ways to challenge themselves even more in the critically acclaimed MMORPG. A group of Final Fantasy 14 players completed one such task by completing a treasure map with a team full of Earth Disciples.

Treasure maps are special items in Final Fantasy 14 which allow players to find hidden treasure chests in the world. These chests contain valuable items that can only be retrieved after defeating the monsters guarding them. Although these cards are collected by the Disciples of Earth–Final Fantasy 14 gather classes – indoor challenges must be completed with full teams of combat work.


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Or at least they are supposed to be. Editor and Final Fantasy 14 player Fr3myy defied that expectation alongside six other players who decided to tackle a A kingdom is reborn card as botanists, fishermen and miners. The hilarious getaway ended in failure. According to Multi289, another member of the fearless team Disciples of the Land, the team failed on three maps before finally emerging triumphant on the fourth.

As you would expect, Gatherers have no combat abilities and can only swing their tools for tiny damage while having a horribly low health pool. However, the accessories of Final Fantasy 14 can be equipped by all classes, allowing them to gain more combat prowess than otherwise possible. Players also Pentameled their Crafted Gatherer gear with Critical Hit materia to further boost their stats, burning through hundreds of combat materia in the process. Being at level 90 while fighting level 50 mobs also helped a lot.

Gamers couldn’t believe Fr3myy and Multi289’s hilarious feat. They praised the players and praised their absurd ingenuity for coming up with such a stupid challenge in the first place. Some fans shared their own hilarious — and often unsuccessful — efforts to fight while playing a picker. In many ways, the difficulty of the achievements of Fr3myy and their friends is as impressive as that of the Final Fantasy 14 players tackling wild raids and other challenging content.

Final Fantasy 14 recently launched its second major content patch for Endwalker. Patch 6.2, titled buried memory, added new raids, trials, and main story story content for players to enjoy. While the patch contained little content for gathering classes, the upcoming mid-patch 6.25 patch will introduce Omicron Tribal Quests. These daily quests are for Earth Disciples only and will award exclusive mounts, minions, and other rewards.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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