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the Ninja is a DPS class in Final Fantasy 14, a melee fighter who uses daggers and swift movements to assassinate enemies in the shadows. They have an interesting playstyle that focuses more on group damage than personal damage.

Ninjas don’t deal a huge amount of damage on their own, but when raiding with other players their powerful debuffs can melt enemies like a burning knife in butter. That alone makes it one of the most in-demand jobs in raiding.

If you love the Assassin’s Path, here are the basics of working Ninja in Final Fantasy 14 so you can be the sneakiest, deadliest dagger to hire.

The basics of Final Fantasy 14 ninja work

Ninja work can be accessed after upgrading a Rogue to level 30. They are Disciple of War, meaning they use weapons as their primary offensive abilities.

Ninjas are melee fighters who excel in the art of assassination, capable of inflicting powerful debuffs on enemies. They wear leather armor and use daggers as their primary weapons, allowing them to perform quick and deadly combos on enemies, more so with the use of ninjutsu abilities.

As a Ninja, you’ll want to prioritize dexterity as your primary attribute as it increases your attack power. Secondary attributes useful for the job include critical hit, skill speed, direct hit, and determination.

Similar to bards, ninjas don’t deal a huge amount of personal damage as their main strength lies in their usefulness. In raids, Ninjas are extremely useful as they increase party damage through their various debuff abilities.

They are so beneficial, in fact, that they are highly sought after by raiding groups.

How to become a ninja in Final Fantasy 14

FF14 Thief

Like many jobs in Final Fantasy 14, including the Bard and the Monk, the Ninja class is not immediately available. You will first need to raise a Thief to 30.

Interestingly, the Rogue class is also not available when you first start the game. To unlock the Rogue class, simply go to the Rogue Guild in Limsa Lominsa and search for either the “So you wanna be a thug” or “Way of the Snape“quest.

Once you’ve leveled up your Rogue, complete the ROG L30 Class Quest, “Sickening victory”. At the end of the quest, you will unlock the quest that allows you to become a Ninja, “Peasants by day, Ninjas by night”.

Limsa Lominsa bridges map
Limsa Lominsa bridges map

This quest is issued by Jacke to the Rogue Guild in Limsa Lominsa – Upper Decks. Make sure you have completed the L20 MSQ “Management of sylphs“quest too.

Once the quest is complete, equip the “The soul of the ninja”To officially become a Ninja.

Final Fantasy 14 Ninja Actions

Here is the full list of PVE actions available for Ninja Job in Final Fantasy 14.

Turning edge
Triggers an attack power of 230.

Color change
Produces shadows that negate damage up to 20% of your maximum health.

Burst shot
Trigger an attack with a power of 100.

Allows you to blend in with your surroundings, preventing the majority of enemies from detecting you. However, your movement speed is reduced by 50%. Hide does not work on enemies 10 levels higher than yours, as well as enemies with special sight.

Throwing dagger
Trigger a ranged attack with a power of 120.

Trigger an attack with a power of 150.

Rigged attack
Triggers an attack with a power of 350 or 500 when executed behind a target.

Wind edge
Triggers an attack with a power of 100 or 160 when executed behind a target.

Shadow fang
Trigger an attack with a power of 200.

Do the ritual mudra hand gesture for “heaven.”

Performs a specific ninjutsu action that coincides with the mudra combination created just before.

Do the ritual mudra hand gesture for “earth.”

Flower of death
Trigger a 120 power attack on all nearby enemies.

Move quickly to a specified location.

Do the ritual mudra hand gesture for “man.”

Allows you to perform a single ninjutsu without consuming mudra charges.

Hakke mujinsatsu
Trigger a power 100 attack on all nearby enemies.

Crush Armor
Triggers an attack with a power of 100 or 160 when executed from a target’s flank.

Dream in a dream
Unleash a triple attack, each hit having a power of 200.

Unleash a direct critical hit with a power of 200.

Medium Hell Frog
Inflicts fire damage to a target and all nearby enemies with power of 200.

Deals damage without Aspect with a power of 300.

Ten Chi Jin
Temporarily transforms each of the 3 mudras into a ninjutsu action. Performing any of these actions will turn the remaining mudra into different ninjutsu actions until all 3 have been performed or the Ten Chi Jin effect expires.

Dispel Suiton, increasing Ninki’s gauge by 50.

Grants 5 charges of Bunshin, each charge allowing your shadow to attack enemies whenever you perform a weapon ability. The power of the shadow attack differs depending on the attack performed but is not affected by combo bonuses.

Final Fantasy 14 Ninjutsu Abilities

Ninjas in Final Fantasy 14 have ninjutsu abilities available to them after performing a specific sequence of mudras. These are quite powerful actions when performed correctly, capable of dealing a considerable amount of damage.

Failure to perform a valid mudra combination will result in a humorous action called Rabbit Medium which will cause a bunny to appear on your head. There are no negative consequences for Rabbit Medium except that it highlights your unhappiness to other players.

Fuma Shuriken
Unleash a ranged ninjutsu attack with power of 500.

Unleash 500 fire damage on a target and all nearby enemies.

Trigger lightning damage with a power of 800.

Trigger ice damage with a power of 400.

Reduces weapon skill recast time and auto attack delay by 15%.

Produces a corrupted patch of land that deals 100 power damage to all enemies that enter it.

Trigger water damage with a power of 600.

Goka Mekkyaku
Unleash 750 fire damage to the target and all nearby enemies.

Hyosho Ranryu
Trigger ice damage with a power of 1200.

Ninja playstyle from Final Fantasy 14

The Ninja’s playstyle in Final Fantasy 14 involves quick moves and attacks, much of their power coming from their ninjutsu abilities.

The job is extremely fast and is extremely difficult to do with a high ping, more so than other jobs in Final Fantasy 14. Ninjas are one of the most difficult jobs for new players to master due to the large number of complex combos that you need to memorize.

Additionally, the Ninja doesn’t deal a huge amount of damage, which can seem quite disappointing, to a greater extent if played poorly.

What the Ninja job lacks in damage, it makes up for in utility. The class is equipped with a range of powerful debuffs such as Trick Attack that can be applied to enemies, turning them from fierce opponents into spongy targets that can be melted down easily.

Encounters go much easier and faster with a Ninja by your side, which is why they are extremely sought after by parties doing high-end raid content.

Ninja Final Fantasy 14 Tips

The Ninja job can seem a bit hostile to new players due to its complexity, which, along with its lack of flashy and powerful damage, can make it quite intimidating.

If you’re struggling to master the Ninja, here are some tips to help you learn the basics.

Trick Attack is your best friend
Trick Attack is one of the Ninjas’ most useful abilities in their repertoire. It performs an attack with a power of 350, increased to 500 when executed behind a target.

If that weren’t enough, it increases the damage taken by the target by 5% for 15 seconds, which is invaluable in raiding to bring down bosses. The Suiton ninjutsu ability also allows you to constantly cast Trick Attack.

Keep Huton awake as much as possible
Huton is another Ninja playstyle anchor, which can be cast with Chi – Jin – Ten or Jin – Chi – Ten. This lasts a considerable amount of time, especially if you are using Hakke Munjinsatsu or Armor Crush.

What makes Huton so good is its ability to reduce your weapon ability and auto-attack recast time by 15 seconds, allowing you to maintain your speed and mobility.

Memorize those ninjutsu combos
Ninjustsu combos seem incredibly complicated at first glance, but all you really need to remember is the number of symbols (mudras) that make up the combo, as well as the final symbol. For example, Suiton can be performed using Ten – Chi – Jin or Chi – Ten – Jin.

Final Fantasy 14 is available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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