Final Fantasy 14: Guide to the Dragon’s Neck


Introduced in patch 2.4, The Dragon’s Neck of Final Fantasy 14 is a fun and chaotic trial for a full party of two tanks, two healers, and four DPS. It pits you against not one, but two memorable bosses: Ultros and Typhon. Combat isn’t known to be difficult, but knowing the best strategy is good to make the experience easier.

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The prerequisites for combat must be a Combat class level 50 and have a minimum item level of 80 and to have the Hildibrand questline, “The Riddle of the Colosseum”. The quest is picked up by Briardien in the Marches of Thal d’Ul’dah at X: 14, Y: 10.

First phase

Ultros and Typhoon in combat.

An important thing to know about this fight is that if all players are knocked down and knocked out at the same time, it counts as a party wipe. Falling without the whole game, however, only results in a short stun and you can resume the fight.

Ultros and Typhon must each be tanked separately by the two tanks. DPS will focus on Typhoon. Among Typhoon attacks that all players should be careful of are Fireball, which targets a random player with an AoE, and Fungahhh, which is a cone tail sweeping AoE that knocks back players caught in the cone.

Ultros will cast imps when he or Typhon reaches 80% of his health. This will change each DPS player to Imp for one minute. As an imp, the DPS will lose abilities but gain the “Imp Punch” attack. As imp, they will begin the important work of collect stacks of Ultros bubble attacks. The stacks are called the “wet plate” and eight should add up between the imps as Typhon begins to cast Severe Snort.

If Severe Snort is done, this is a party wipe. To avoid this, the imps with the wet plate stacks must all use their imp attack on Typhon. Each wet plate will carry one of Typhon’s “invigorating stacks”. He’ll have eight, so collect the eight stacks of wet plates to take away the invigorating. With all stacks gone, group attack and erasure will be avoided.

Phase two

Ultros and Typhoon attack the warrior.

After avoiding Severe Snort, the second phase begins. DPS will be free to damage Typhon again until he has another Imp turn. However, the mechanics are a little different in the second phase.

Instead of Severe Snort, Typhon will cast Snortsault. The attack will have air pushing in a slowly rotating line. Avoid this line and move slowly so it doesn’t hit you. Imps and tank with Ultros should try to be on the same side. This is how imps can once again collect piles of wet plates.

After Snortsault, Typhoon will start casting Severe Snort again. Just like in the first phase, the imps will use their stacks to take away Typhon’s invigorating stacks and dodge the attack and thus avoid a group wiping.

All that’s left after this point is to dodge AoE and deal damage. Occasionally, Typhon may sit in the center and do some form of pushback attack. However, this will only push players back a small distance. So if Typhoon comes back to the middle, stay close to him to stay safe.

Notable loot rewards

  • Minion Ultros to be reassembled

  • Ultros and Typhon Triple Triad Card

  • Terra Branford Triple Triad Card

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