Final Fantasy 14 free trials return

Final Fantasy 14 will be offering free trials again starting next week.

Speaking to fans in his latest Letter from the Live Producerproducer/director Naoki Yoshida has confirmed that the servers are more stable again, the game’s generous free trials – which give new players the chance to try out the game before fully committing – will be available again from the February 22 on PC and PlayStation console.

Developer Square Enix was forced to temporarily suspend free trials and digital sales of the hit MMORPG last December to meet the high demand and better manage long queues for fans trying to join the game. Then, last month, the developer has made every effort to ensure the security of the serversincluding the opening of a new Oceania data center, and expansion of Japanese, European and North American data centers is planned throughout 2022.

So now that digital sales and player registrations have been restored, free trials are back too (thanks, NME).

Wondering if you should try Final Fantasy 14 in 2022? Hirun certainly thinks so.

“A little over a month after the launch of Endwalker, Final Fantasy 14 has arguably never been in better shape than it is right now,” he wrote. “It can potentially take you hours to get into the MMORPG in the first place – hell, you can’t even get into the game at all right now if you’re a potential brand new player – but what awaits you after is a vast and welcoming player base, dungeons with hordes of players eager to team up, an exciting new story and lands to explore, and much more.

“Whether you’re a new player or returning to Eorzea after a short break, there really is no better time to experience Final Fantasy 14 for yourself.”

ICYMI, Yesterday Final Fantasy 14 producer/director Naoki Yoshida confirmed that there are no plans on “incorporate any type of NFT item into the game at this point”.

While he acknowledged that he was interested in the idea of ​​NFTs in games during his Letter from the Producer released earlier today, he was quick to add that the Square Enix team had noticed “many comments on how [Western audiences are] opposed to NFTs” and admitted, “there might be a bit of sensitivity and nervousness around the subject.”

“If anyone is worried or concerned about this, I can clearly say at this point that we have no intention of integrating this into the game,” Yoshida said.

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