Final Fantasy 14 fans organize Endwalker content release dates in a timeline


Three Final Fantasy 14 fans are creating a timeline for the new version of Endwalker, content updates, and seasonal events after the two week deadline.

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Final Fantasy 14 recently announced an unfortunate two-week delay for the next Endwalker expansion. To help players understand the adjusted release schedule of events around the expansion’s new release date, a dedicated group of Final Fantasy 14 fans have created an easy-to-follow timeline featuring all of the upcoming events planned for the critically-acclaimed MMORPG.

Initially, Endwalker was due out on November 23, but FFXIV Director and producer Naoki Yoshida made the executive decision to delay it for two weeks to ensure last minute fixes and polish can be done before the big day. For this reason, the previously established chronology of events also had to be adjusted accordingly.


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Enter the Phookas – a useful group of three Final fantasy friends who make guides and infographics to help old and new players navigate the abundant systems of Final Fantasy 14. The timeline they created covers everything from the current Moogle Treasure Trove event to Endwalker version and planned content fixes, which will add the 8-player Pandaemonium raid and endgame currencies. It even covers scheduled dates for seasonal holiday events that have been scheduled so far.

The Phookas, named after the eccentric creature of the interior Final Fantasy 14, have created dozens of useful infographics, guides to PvP in FFXIV what the different UI symbols in the game mean. The Phookas community is just one of many dedicated to fostering a positive atmosphere and player base Final Fantasy 14 is famous for.

A perfect example of this is the Final Fantasy 14 the community’s reaction to the delay in Endwalker. While one would expect most communities to be outraged, especially with just two weeks before the originally scheduled release date, Final Fantasy 14 the players are friendly and support the development team. With the possible exception of the unlucky few who couldn’t move the PTO they already got for the initial launch, most of the community would prefer the developers to take as long as they want. to do the best job possible, and two weeks is not long.

Hilarious, Final Fantasy 14 had already delayed the awakening of All Saints’ Day –FF14 Halloween event – until after Endwalker version, choosing instead to focus its development time on ironing the expansion pack. With the delay of Endwalker, All Saints’ Wake has also been delayed, although its Christmas and New Years events, Starlight Celebration and Heavensturn respectively, still take place during their normal hours. With All Saints’ Wake now scheduled for January, Final Fantasy 14 players will be able to experience Nightmare After Christmas this year.

Final Fantasy 14 is now available on PC, PS4 and PS5. The Endwalker The expansion will launch on December 7.

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Source: Phookas website


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