Final Fantasy 14 fans make adorable checklist to prepare players for Endwalker


Final Fantasy 14 fourth extension, Endwalker, is just over a month away from Early Access. As the players catch up with the ends of the Shadowbringer cycle of the game, a group of fans shared a checklist full of ideas for their fellow Warriors of Light to accomplish as they count the days until Endwalker.

The Phookas, named after the clumsy Final Fantasy 14 creatures of the same name, are a group of three players who have come together to share their knowledge in the form of useful graphics, videos, lists and other media. With the recent influx of new players, they saw an opportunity to create a healthy community with which to share their knowledge of the game’s vast secrets, for the benefit of veterans and young shoots.

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The infographic in question offers a plethora of potential goals for avid fans of Final Fantasy 14 to accomplish in the weeks to come, all with a myriad of cute, colorful and useful images to guide them. To level the many jobs in Final Fantasy 14 From collecting various types of currencies to complement the old content and farming mounts, The Phookas infographic provides plenty of ideas for players eager to keep busy in anticipation of the new release.

Despite the drought of content that always precedes the release of an MMORPG expansion pack, Final Fantasy 14 has been more popular than ever, with an unprecedented number of new players flocking from all corners of the world. While new players have over six years of content to explore, players who are all caught up by the story or come back after a long hiatus may find themselves scoreless after catching up on the main storyline quest.

Helpful veteran groups, like The Phookas, not only help light up often confusing corners of the game, but help build a positive player base. Final Fantasy 14 has cultivated – one of its most critically acclaimed features, especially from players ditching other MMORPGs.

Fortunately, players won’t have to wait any longer for Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker. Early Access for players who pre-ordered the Expansion Pack begins on Friday, November 19 and October 19 will see the return of the Moogle Treasure Trove event, which will further inspire players to delve into old content and claim exclusivity, hard -to get rewards in the previous month Endwalker.

Between the suggestions provided in the Phooka Guide, the current event next week and the Final Fantasy 14 NDA of Media Tour completed Endwalker new skills expiring on Wednesday, Warriors of Light will have plenty to occupy their time as they wait for their next adventures in Hydaelyn.

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker releases November 23 for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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Source: Phookas website


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