Final Fantasy 14 fans create charming PvP guide


Final Fantasy 14 has been out for eight years now, and during that time Square Enix has added a lot of content in the form of different types of battles, systems, and secrets that can be both intimidating and confusing to navigate, especially for newbies. players. Thankfully, veterans of the critically acclaimed MMORPG are eager to share their knowledge of the less explored parts of the game, such as player-versus-player combat.

The Phookas, a Final Fantasy 14 fangroup named after a delightful creature found in the game, is one of those veteran groups who create useful infographics, videos, and tools to help guide players through the game. Recently, they’ve teamed up with Revival, a Final Fantasy 14 community that focuses on bringing PvP knowledge and enjoyment to others, to create an adorable, helpful and straightforward guide to competitive play mode.

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The guide himself gives a crash course in the Wolf’s Den, the PvP hub area of Final Fantasy 14, as well as the three PvP modes in the game at the moment: the team deathmatch-like feast, massive frontlines controlling the three-lane battlefield, and rival MOBA-like wings. In addition, the guide answers some frequently asked questions about PvP, like how the unique skills and abilities of PvP work, how experience gains and job selection work, and what other rewards one can get. get by participating.

PvP has a tumultuous history with Final Fantasy 14. Over the years since its introduction in the game’s first major patch after the release of the well-received A kingdom reborn, it has changed considerably and many times. While it used to take a character to have a certain level and equip special equipment to have any chance of success, PvP has since been streamlined and balanced across the board: a brand new player entering the battlefield has the same tools as a veteran, save skills and experience.

With Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker on the horizon, now is one of the best times for players to jump into PvP. It’s a great way for players to improve their work, unlock achievements, and acquire unique rewards, like minions, mounts, hairstyles, emotes, and cosmetic gear. If that wasn’t enough of an incentive, Final Fantasy 14 is currently running the Moogle Treasure Trove event until the release of Endwalker, which rewards a special currency for participating in certain events, including all three PvP modes, redeemable for exclusive rewards.

But just warning; with Endwalker in a little less than a month, the change is coming Final Fantasy 14 combat system, and PvP will undoubtedly be affected as well. Endwalker introduce a new type of small-scale PvP content, which Final Fantasy 14 The claims will be perfect for bringing new and casual players into the system, with no role restrictions. The 67th letter live from the producer will air on November 5, two weeks before Endwalker and players can expect to learn more about PvP and its new rewards in a few weeks.

Final Fantasy 14 is now available on PC, PS4 and PS5. Endwalker launch on November 23.

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Source: Phookas website

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