Final Fantasy 13: Every Cocoon Fal’Cie, Ranked

The Fal’Cie are god-like entities powered by crystals in Final Fantasy 13. The god Bhunivelze sought to reach the Unseen Realm and created Pulse, Lindzei, and Etro to aid him in that goal. Lindzei disappeared after creating the Cocoon fal’Cie tasked with sustaining human life. Although these fal’Cie take on more humanoid appearances to lull the populace into a false sense of security, their true intentions are more sinister.

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The ultimate goal of Lindzei’s fal’Cie is to summon their maker by flooding Etro’s gate with an influx of souls. They do this by waiting for a Pulse l’Cie—usually humans marked with a Pulse fal’Cie and forced to complete a certain task—to become Ragnarok and destroy Cocoon. Without further ado, let’s take a look at which of Cocoon’s fal’Cie are most critical to sustaining life, before the inevitable armageddon.


ten Siren – Quietly it plays

Siren is a fal’Cie whose function is unknown. A statue of him is in a shrine in the seaside town of Bodhum. In a flashback, we see Serah telling Snow that she was branded as a l’Cie pulse in front of the statue in their hometown.

Siren also makes a brief appearance during the festive Pompa Sancta Parade in Nautilus Park, where she plays the harp. Given that its purpose is unknown, it is likely to be the least important known fal’Cie on Cocoon.

9 Protera – Is it a shield?

A vestige (a type of dungeon) of Pulse had been dormant among the humans of Bodhum for centuries. The people of Cocoon were taught to fear anything of Pulse origin, and had no idea that something from the underworld lay in the middle of their civilization. When the Vestige suddenly opened one day, Serah entered out of curiosity and was marked as l’Cie by Anima – the Pulse fal’Cie who resided within.

Hysteria swept the region as people feared Pulse’s intervention, and The Purge was incited. Protera is the fal’Cie who raised the Vestige of Bodhum after these events were revealed. Any other functions he can perform are unknown, and as cool as picking things up and putting them down, there are more important fal’Cie to see.

8 Palamecia – Believe he can fly

A massive fal’Cie that has been modified by the Sanctum for military use by PSICOM. It acts as an airship that serves as the base for the Sanctum Skyfleet. We first learn about this fal’Cie when we see him move the Pulse Vestige through the Hanging Edge.

Later, it serves as a prison for Sazh and Vanille when they are captured by Jihl Nabaat in Nautilus Park, and it is a place that cannot be revisited once the other protagonists have eliminated them. Beneath the ship, a humanoid face can be seen, a common trait of Cocoon fal’Cie.

seven Phoenix – Arise!

A fal’Cie that acts like a sun bringing warmth and light, it floats at the center of Cocoon’s inner atmosphere, bathing the world below in its radiant light. He also helps regulate the weather and oversees additional fal’Cie that control wind and rain. What would a world be without light and heat, as well as without meteorological phenomena?

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Society could theoretically survive without her, despite the fragility of human life, so she is not crucial to the people of Cocoon. It’s nice anyway.

6 Kujata – Power level over 9000

A sprawling urban utopia like Cocoon needs a prodigious source of power, and Kujata is the fal’Cie who provides floating rock with just that. It is based in the Euride Gorge Power Station and serves the voracious energy needs of the surrounding towns. Eight days before the Purge, Kujata detected the Pulse l’Cie Fang and the Vanilla in its vicinity, and took emergency defensive action by tagging the nearest human in a Sanctum l’Cie.

Sazh, preoccupied with buying a Chocobo chick from the gift shop, didn’t notice that his son Dajh had wandered off. It was in the midst of the chaos that the boy was branded as l’Cie by Kujata to protect him and locate Fang and Vanille as he gained the power to sense them. Electricity is important, but there are a few necessities that humans need in relation to electricity.

5 Barthandelus & Menrva – The powerful duo

The main antagonists of Final Fantasy 13, Barthandelus impersonates the human Galenth Dysley, a Primarch (similar to a President) elected to his position by the citizens of Cocoon. When in human form, his power is stored within his rukh familiar, Menrva. It was actually Barthandelus who orchestrated the move of Pulse Vestige to Cocoon, centuries before the region was populated.

He was also responsible for surreptitiously helping the game’s protagonists complete their objective of destroying Cocoon. Barthandelus was so determined to see Cocoon’s destruction come that the fal’Cie was willing to die to ensure Cocoon’s downfall, so that countless lives could flood Etro’s Gate and summon the Maker. A leading figure is important, but not the epitome of life support, so let’s move on and see which fal’Cie are most important.

4 Carbuncle – “Buncle” Up!

Located in the underground Nutriculture Complex beneath Palumpolum, Carbuncle provides food for the inhabitants of Cocoon. Adept at the task, this fal’Cie oversees the process of incredibly efficient hydroponics. Using moving rice paddies and careful regulation of light and water, it circles over pastures, reminiscent of a pollen-scattering butterfly.

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A red crystal glows at its center, and humanoid faces can be seen on the wing-like appendages. A process nearby the facility also produces crude protein that complements the vegetables grown there.

3 Leviathan – Hire the Great Sea Wyrm

When it comes to things humans can’t do without for very long, perhaps only water is more important than food. The fal’Cie Leviathan is responsible for supplying Cocoon with purified water. There is a place named after this great fal’Cie in Eden, known as Leviathan Plaza, and is just past Siren Park. Concept art for Leviathan shows people walking inside its body, suggesting it may have been considered another form of amusement in Nautilus Park.

Perhaps her function of providing clean water was more important than the casual mortal fancy she provides, which is why she didn’t stop to join in the revelry.

2 Eden – not the garden

The namesake of the capital of Cocoon, Eden is crucial to the existence of humanity. He is responsible for monitoring and regulating all functions on Cocoon. Eden is the only known fal’Cie, aside from Barthandelus, to communicate with representatives of Sanctum. Heralded as Cocoon’s highest authority for his crucial role, he is also responsible for the administration and security of the floating paradise.

It is the bond that binds all fal’Cie together and directs their power while nestled in the capital. Within Eden is a dimension from which this fal’Cie draws its power. Only one fal’Cie remains more important than all the others.

1 Orphan – Bring it to its creator

This automaton is the most important of all, as it provides power to Eden’s siphons to oversee the operation of Cocoon, while also providing power to all fal’Cie. If Orphan falls, Cocoon’s inevitable demise will follow – and that’s exactly what he wants. He exists in the pocket dimension of Eden, known as the Orphan’s Cradle, where he dreams in a state of unbirth.

After the protagonists of Final Fantasy 13 defeat Barthandelus, Menrva dives into the pool where Orphan slumbers in a state of suspended animation. This brings the fal’Cie to life for the final battle, where it also merges with Barthandelus’ lifeless shell. Between his multiple forms, Orphan has over 10 million HP, making him the (regular) final boss with the most HP in the entire main Final Fantasy series.

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