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Final fantasy is a legendary JRPG series that has seen its fair share of ups and downs lately. However, there’s no denying that the franchise was at its best under Squaresoft, with the last game released under that name coming in the form of Final Fantasy 10. It was a monumental success on all fronts, from the fight to the story being absolutely fascinating.

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With the release of the HD Remaster, more and more people can easily access this phenomenal title anytime they want. While this title is still showing its age in some departments, all of this – and more – can be fixed with the help of a few mods. Here are some of the best mods you can download to improve your gameplay experience in Final Fantasy 10.

C3Anderson retextures

Rikku in his jumpsuit and glasses in one of his first scenes in Final Fantasy 10.

Of all the modders in Final Fantasy 10, C3Anderson is by far the most active member. Chances are, you’ll have a hard time browsing this game’s mods without finding a litany of mods from this creator that tackles several minor but notable aspects of the series.

Their mods include everything from high-res re-textures of the main characters to simply scaling most menu items. These changes may seem small at first glance, but it is the overall impact they have on the visual fidelity of this title that makes it a boon for gamers demanding when it comes to the graphics quality of their video games.

The Final Fantasy 10 menu

Most JRPG fans will certainly attest to the fact that they will open the menu multiple times during the game. This can be for a multitude of reasons, from a quick healing to checking for a larger card if it is. available. Final Fantasy 10 is no exception to this rule, with the menu being one of the busiest aspects of the game due to its usefulness.

While this can be a bit of a problem, it’s true that the default menu can sometimes seem quite boring. Most players would appreciate being able to check out alternative options for their menus – a simple fix that is enabled by this mod. Now you don’t have to worry about getting bored of the vanilla game menu anymore!

Better texture

The Aurochs in Final Fantasy 10

The textures in Final Fantasy 10 are quite outdated, with the main characters sometimes sticking out like a sore thumb due to the tremendous effort put into improving their textures. While it would have been great if the supporting actors also received this treatment, the amount of work that would have gone into achieving the same result would have been far too much to be achievable.

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That’s why everyone except the main characters looks absolutely abysmal in the HD re-release. Fortunately, with this mod, these textures are significantly improved to make them less unpleasant on the eyes. It’s far from perfect … but it’s still better than the muddy textures of the vanilla game.

FFX face texture adjustments

Rikku looks skyward in Final Fantasy 10

The main cast looks absolutely stunning in Final Fantasy 10. Much of the re-texturing has gone into making these characters look even more beautiful, and it shows in every cutscene that focuses on the intricacies of these characters. However, there is always room for improvement, and players who want their characters to look gorgeous can take advantage of it with this mod.

The FFX Face Texture Tweaks mod is a great mod if you want to completely fall in love with the main characters of Final Fantasy 10. Their faces end up taking on a realistic quality with the touches provided by this mod, making all of their faces absolutely ethereal on time. !

HD Sphere Grid Normal and Expert

The grid of spheres in Final Fantasy 10

The Sphere Grid is another aspect of Final Fantasy 10 that fans will be spending a lot of time on, and it’s understandable. After all, characters can only progress by spending their skill points on the Sphere Grid, so it’s important to go through that leveling screen and get as many upgrades as possible for each playable character.

So it would obviously be a welcome change to lay eyes on a grid of spheres that looks visually pleasing, to say the least. This is where this HD Sphere Grid mod comes in. This might be the smallest of the changes, but an HD Sphere Grid would still be a welcome addition.

FFX relationship tracking

Rikku rides snowmobile with Tidus in Final Fantasy 10

Most people might not be aware that Final Fantasy 10 has a Hidden Relationship Tracker that governs some special scenes that Tidus may enjoy with other characters at times. For the most part, this relationship tracker is hidden, which can make it quite frustrating to target a certain character to unlock their scenes.

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This is where the FFX Relationship Tracker comes in. The function of this mod should be pretty obvious – it allows players to follow a numeric value that indicates how strong Tidus’ relationship is with each character in the series. It’s a small change but it’s greatly appreciated, especially if you’re absolutely adamant that Tidus is fleshing out his relationship with a specific character.

Ultimate Hardcore Challenge Mod

Wakka gives Tidus the Brotherhood sword in Final Fantasy X

There are several things people can say about the Final Fantasy series, but it would be difficult to rate these games as difficult. While the Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 13 remake may be two exceptions here, the majority of Final Fantasy games are quite easy and get even easier as players near the end of the game.

Players who want to make their journey through Final Fantasy 10 more difficult should download this excellent challenge mod. It nerfs the abilities of most characters, forcing players to use their wits to get by with each encounter.

Remastered FMV

Final Fantasy 10 A close-up of Auron from a cutscene

The FMVs of most Final Fantasy games have been the biggest strengths of the games at one point. While these GMFs might not be that impressive in modern times, the storytelling of most Final Fantasy games improves whenever these high-quality GMFs take center stage.

Final Fantasy 10 also features a ton of great FMV, but it has to be said that the majority of those cutscenes are at a slightly lower resolution than what should be the norm. This can be fixed with the FMVs Remastered mod, which does exactly what is stated in the name and converts these FMVs to 1080p or 4K quality!

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