FFXIV: What’s next in the story after Endwalker?

Endwalker has wrapped up the FFXIV story, but there’s still plenty to discover according to an in-game villain and patch notes for 6.1.

With Endwalker wrap Final Fantasy XIVIn the nearly decade-long story, many players wonder where the game will take their Warrior of Light next. Game director Naoki Yoshida, also known as “Yoshi-P”, said he wanted to continue working on FFXIV for another 10 years, so there will be many more stories unfolding. However, not much is known about the sequel of the game. Luckily, the game signals towards the end of Endwalkeras well as some patch notes for the April 6.1 update, may indicate where the next journey will take players.

One of the main changes is that the Warrior of Light will become an adventurer again. They won’t be performing heroic feats for a while, so it makes sense to go back to the character’s roots. The Scions also said they would part ways to continue their own journey at the end of Endwalker, leaving the WoL to decide what to do on its own. The world is vast and there is a lot to explore.

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Exactly what the next story will explore has been the subject of many player theories. Fans have been particularly focused on the last parting words of Emet-Selch, a helpful villain, who mentions a number of places in the world where he and his fellow Ascians have likely traveled in their long lives. While most of these locations also appear on the world map, it only indicates what may be in some of them.

Treasure islands beyond the waters of Blindfrost can be linked to island shrines planned for 6.2. The ruins under the Bounty Sea can turn out to be an ancient civilization to explore. Then there are the “legendary golden cities of the New World” and a southern continent called Meracydia with its own nations. These seem like obvious choices for the hero and Scions to explore next as part of the main story, especially if there’s a whole new continent to explore.

For a while, many fans have also focused on a specific line about the Twelve, the Deities of Eorzea, which is now confirmed to be new content. A new alliance raid called Myths of the Realm will revolve around the truth of the deities. It will be interesting to see where this trail goes, even though Alliance Raids have traditionally been side stories. There will also be a continuation of the Pandæmonium raid with the rest of the floors, which will likely bring the story of Lahabrea to a conclusion. There are plenty of directions for new adventures, and it will be great to see where Yoshi-P takes. FFXIV following.

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