FFXIV Starlight Celebration is a seasonal event well done


This year’s Starlight celebration is underway in Final fantasy 14, and an overwhelming number (literally) of players are celebrating the holiday cheer with a unique questline. This year, players must help a little Yeti learn that he is as strong as his big brothers when it comes to the Starlight Spirit. Of course, the whole story is very sweet, but it also shows how games have to deal with vacation content and why FFXIV continues to be so popular.

The way FFXIV handles seasonal events is great

FFXIV has quite a few seasonal events, usually one for each month. These typically last between 2 and 4 weeks, during which time players can take part in the seasonal questline and receive the unique rewards for participating. Most seasonal questlines are short, and players can complete them in one or two sessions. Plus, most seasonal items are free, with some requiring Gil or MGP to purchase.

The above may seem like the seasonal events aren’t involved enough, but I think they just go far enough to be fun without being overbearing. Too often, we see seasonal events with complex, time-limited tasks designed specifically to encourage fear of missing out on something. Don’t have three hours a day to play a game for fifteen days in a row to win a hat or a skin? Too bad it is never available again. In contrast to this, FFXIV’s seasonal items are mostly added at checkout. Missed last year’s Starlight celebration? It is very good; only pay for a la carte items. Sure, it sucks to miss out on a chance to get the items for free, but at least there’s no FOMO if that happens.

Without needing to push players to play for fear of missing out on a fantastic and exclusive item, Square Enix can afford to make it all a little wacky and fun, too. This year’s Starlight Celebration questline is just a short adventure with an adorable yeti and a talking mouse, but it beats any other Christmas-themed event in the game. There is no squeak or squeak. influence to hunt here, just a Final Fantasy 14 version of a Hallmark Channel movie. Then players get a few cute minions and the option to purchase a Starlight Mobile from the Seasonal Vendor, and that’s it (other than decorations everywhere).

FFXIV is unique in the MMO genre for being a mostly single player adventure. Our character is the hero, the big star, and it wouldn’t make sense for them to suddenly spend three weeks completing holiday-themed quests and events while Eorzea burns down. I loved playing Starlight Celebration, and I like that it respects my time and allows me to continue the main story quests without being intrusive.


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