FFXIV Splits Praetorium Into Three, But Retains MSQ Roulette

There is a bizarre legacy in the later encounters of Final Fantasy XIV’s original main story, which left the Camp Westwind trial, and the Castrum Meridianum and Praetorium dungeons a difficult adjustment with modern MMORPG content. As previously announced, the developers are revamping these encounters for patch 6.1, and in the last Live Letter they explained exactly what form this content will take.

Cape Westwind will no longer be an eight-player trial – instead, it will be a single-player quest battle. If you want to see it again, you’ll have to check it out in New Game Plus. Castrum Meridianum is changing from an eight-player dungeon to a more traditional four-player dungeon.

The courtroom is undergoing an even bigger change, as it is now three separate encounters. The start of the dungeon through the Battle of Gaius will now be a four-player dungeon. The Ultima Weapon battle will now be a four-player trial called The Porta Decumana. And the Lahabrea fight will now be a single-player quest battle.

Despite these changes, the devs say (translated via the FFXIV Discord) that Castrum Meridianum and Praetorium will still be available through MSQ roulette, separately from normal dungeon casters. The developers considered dropping the option, but dungeons are still longer than their normal counterparts, so they still have to provide additional rewards – which will be a bit smaller than they currently are, however.

6.1 will also see all main story content playable in single-player, thanks to support for NPCs with the trust system, now renamed the “service support” system for story encounters. Castrum Meridianum, Praetorium, and Porta Decumana will now all be playable with other players or solo with NPCs.

Check out our Live Letter 69 recap for a great breakdown of what was announced during the broadcast.

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