FFXIV: How to Become a Paladin


The Paladin is one of the most popular and suitable jobs for newcomers to Final Fantasy XIV. To become a Paladin, players must first master the Gladiator class.

Paladin, the ideal archetype of a sword-and-shield chariot class, is a professional path in Final Fantasy XIV that players can choose from the creator of the character; however, they cannot become a Paladin right away. Newcomers will begin their journey as a Gladiator, a base class that will eventually become Paladin’s work in Final Fantasy XIV. If a player chooses Gladiator as their starting class, they will start in the city of Ul’dah at the Gladiator Guild.

Players must reach a certain level in the Gladiators Guild questline to unlock the Paladin job in Final Fantasy XIV. This effort requires completing all quests up to this point and adequately leveling up the Gladiator class. On the other hand, if a player starts Final Fantasy XIV like another class but wish to upgrade to Gladiator to become Paladin, they can only do so after completing the corresponding guild’s level 10 quest. Unlock airship travel after level 15 MSQ, “Lominsan’s envoy“, is also necessary if they have not started Ul’dah.


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The upgrade from Gladiator to Paladin becomes available once the player has reached level 30 and completed the level 30 guild quest, “The payback. “Once these conditions are met, players can continue on to the Paladin work scenario in Final Fantasy XIV. When a player improves his base class towards a job, he receives the “soul” of that specific job. In the case of becoming a Paladin, players will obtain the Soul of a Paladin after completing the quest “Paladin’s Promise. “To begin this quest, speak to Lulutsu, the receptionist of the Gladiator Guild.

How to become a paladin in Final Fantasy XIV

ffxiv paladin job quest

The route from levels 1 to 30 provides players with ample time to learn the basics of their starter class. The best way to practice and level effectively in Final Fantasy XIV because any class is queuing for the dungeons. Daily Roulette also provides a generous amount of XP; However, players can only unlock after entering the first two dungeons. Here is a list of all the dungeons players can mine to reach level 30.

  • Sastasha: available at level 15
  • Tam-Tara’s Deepcroft: available at level 16
  • Copper mines: available at level 17
  • Halatali: available at level 20
  • The thousand mouths of Toto-Rak: available at level 24
  • Manor Haukke: available at level 28

Waiting in line for dungeons is also a great way to earn unique gear that will be equipped, sold, or used later for desynthesis. Additionally, players are recommended to follow the main story as they level up their Gladiator Class, as MSQ quests will reward players with an abundance of XP.

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Final Fantasy XIV is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC through Steam or the official Square Enix website.

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