FF7 Remake Novel Confirms Drive To Costa Del Sol Will Take place

The Final Fantasy VII Remake novel Trace of Two Pasts has confirmed that future FF7 Remake games will go to Juno, the Cargo Ship, and Costa Del Sol.

New information on the future of Final Fantasy VII remake The series has come to light, as a previous novel confirmed that the party was making the trip to the Costa Del Sol. the FF7 Remake The series had a surprising ending, which freed the characters from the events of the original game.

the Intermission The DLC ended with a brief cut off from the Avalanche members after they left Midgar, and it shows them hitchhiking to Kalm. Other than a surprise cameo, there’s nothing to suggest that the new trip will be any different. It’s likely the upcoming sequel will begin with Kalm’s flashback, explaining the story between Cloud and Sephiroth, before moving on to Chocobo Farm.

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It was revealed in May that a FF7 Remake prequel novel would be released soon. The novel is called Final Fantasy VII Remake Trace of two pasts, and it was presented as focusing on the stories of Aerith and Tifa. Many fans speculated that this would be a novel with no content, especially since Aerith and Tifa couldn’t interact, as they were canonically meeting each other for the first time during the events of FF7 Remake. The previous FF7 novels had content that made its way into FF7 Remake, like Leslie and Kyrie, but they were dealing with a story that was already over. The segments of the novel were summarized by aitaikimochi on Twitter, interested non-Japanese fans should therefore check his account for more updates on the book.

The undercover boat ride

Cloud Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cargo Ship

Turns out there is more to the story of the novel than anyone thought. According to aitaikimochi, the novel’s framing device involves Aerith and Tifa talking aboard the freighter, after acquiring Shinra uniforms and sneaking aboard. This confirms that the group has started from Kalm, passed Midgar Zolom, visited Juno and are on their way to the Costa Del Sol. If the events of this book are canonical, then it describes the last point of the FF7 Remake chronology.

The fact that FF7 Remake is free to tell its own story means the developers are able to turn the established events that fans remember, which is one of the strongest things that makes FF7 Remake So worth playing, even for those who played the original thoroughly. It is possible that the events mentioned above will play out in different ways, but simply lead to the same end result. No one knows for sure what will happen next, especially since the FF7 Remake the rest remains without a release date, but it’s nonetheless surprising that a novel exclusive to Japan jumps so far ahead of established events. It certainly presents new possibilities for what might happen when Final Fantasy VII remake the possible sequel comes out.

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Source: aitaikimochi

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