FF7 Cast Has Hidden Mouths In Game Files

Playable characters in Final Fantasy VII have been discovered to have mouth textures which were not used except in the PC versions of the game.

Final Fantasy VII has content buried in the game files, including mouths for playable characters, which only appear in the PC version. the Final Fantasy series has a lot of buried secrets. The developers never intended that fans would have the ability to access game files and find content that was never meant to be discovered.

FF7 is no stranger to bogus content in its files. The original Japanese version of the game had cut locations in the Honey Bee Inn that were more open about it being a brothel, all of which were deleted from the international versions of the game. , such as Advocate Materia, which gave players access to the Gil Toss ability, allowing them to throw money at the enemy. There is also evidence to suggest that the Ancient Forest was meant to be a required dungeon accessed during the early segments of the game, rather than an optional late-game area.


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The most recent version of FF7 East FF7 Remake Intergrade for PC, which launched in 2021. The original iteration of the game has had many versions, ranging from the original Japanese PS1 version, the international version which added the Weapon monsters, the original PC version, the later PC version, the mobile version, modern console versions, and the PS1 Classic version. The PC version was notoriously glitchy at launch, with a number of technical issues that needed to be fixed with mods. This version of the game added something new, but it turns out that the new element was once planned for the PS1 version.

Final Fantasy VII’s Hidden Mouths and Their Inclusion in the Original PC Port

Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth Mouth PC

The character models in FF7 on the PS1 lacked gules, except for a few isolated moments. The PC version of FF7 added mouths to character models, making some of them look like they were perpetually yawning or screaming. people are still discovering FF7to date, as these mouth textures can actually be found in the PS1 version of the game. According to The cutting room floorall playable characters in FF7 (as well as Zack Fair) have a range of unused eye and mouth textures, as do the NPC character models.

It is unknown why these textures were cut, then restored, then never reused after the mobile port. Gamer on PC tracked down those responsible for the PC port of FF7 and inquired about mouths, but it was so long ago that none of them remembered. It’s possible the developers didn’t like the aesthetics of the mouths, which is fair, as many fans found them unsettling in the PC version. The fact that the mouths were never used again after the mobile ports of the game lends credence to this idea. Square Enix removed some Final Fantasy source codes, but the original PC version of the game was used as the basis for the modern remaster, so there was an intentional decision to remove these vents from Final Fantasy VII at one point. The deletion could also have been a choice of the developers to bring modern remasters closer to the original PlayStation version of the game.

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