Fans Critical Role On Emotional Roller Coaster After Character Returns, NPC Death

Critical Role fans didn’t get much rest after a grueling resurrection ritual was followed by an ominous dream that predicted the demise of an NPC.

This story contains major spoilers for Critical Role Campaign 3, Episode 38.

critical role brought life or death stakes to Exandria in the latest episode of its third Dungeons & Dragons campaign, which saw a long-awaited character return that came at an unexpected cost.

Although only a few days have passed in-game, fans have been waiting for over a month for the hopeful resurrection of Marisha Ray’s character, Laudna. A nail-biting resurrection ritual left fans and players alike nervous, even causing Laura Bailey to have a nosebleed at the table, but Laudna was eventually sent back to the Bells Hells in Whitestone. Fans’ relief was palpable, as was the excitement over Laudna and Imogen’s reunion, as the two witches have remained a popular romantic couple among fans. The duo remained seated next to each other, hands joined, until the intermission of the show.

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However, the excitement over Laudna’s resurrection eclipsed in the second half of the episode when Imogen had another one of her prophetic dreams. Bells Hells boss and beloved non-player character, Lord Ariks Eshteross, has been spotted by Imogen walking through the storm from his steamy dreamscape. Previous experience predicted that this served as an omen for the character’s death, causing the party to rush to Jrusar to check on the eccentric orc baker.

Upon arrival, the Bells Hells found Eshteross dead in his home after a struggle with Otohan Thull. The powerful villain and chief assassin previously caused much turmoil for the group after an encounter with her resulted in the deaths of three characters. With links to deaths in Orym’s backstory and ties to Imogen’s strange power source, Otohan is one of the greatest threats that awaits the Bells Hells. This aggressive action against Eshteross prompted a host of new reactions from fans, now reeling from the new findings in Jrusar.

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Like this event Dungeons & Dragons session served as Critical role’In the Halloween episode, the actors were dressed for the occasion, which resulted in some extra hijinks at the table. The X-Men costume, excluding Sam Riegel dressed as Mr. Fantastic, also got fans excited online. Costume-related obstacles to the game included Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer’s blood-red Gambit contacts obscuring who he was directing conversation towards and Riegel’s long, springy arms threatening the safety of Imogen’s toy horse.

Among other fan-favorite highlights of the evening, Fearne finally acquired a miniature gun for his monkey Mister and Laudna’s rat, Pate De Rolo, becoming a sentient familiar voiced by Mercer.

critical role streams live on Twitch and YouTube Thursdays at 7 PT.

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