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The final two episodes of Season 4 of Stranger Things are available to stream on Netflix. Season 4 introduced viewers to the Hellfire Club, which is Hawkins High’s official Dunegons and Dragons group. A favorite pastime of Dustin, Mike, Lucas, and Will, D&D plays an important role in Stranger Things, especially when it comes to identifying monsters and their weaknesses. If you want to create your own version of the Hellfire Club, or just want to embark on a Stranger Things-style adventure, this is what you need to start your journey into the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy role-playing game where imagination is key. After creating their characters, players embark on a perilous journey filled with magic, monsters, and lost treasure.

What happens in the adventure is dictated by the dungeon master, who serves as a sort of storyteller. Using a campaign book, the Dungeon Master sets the scene, interprets and relays the rules, and voices any non-playable characters you’ll encounter along the way.

The outcome of monster battles and other major moments depends on the roll of polyhedral dice, as well as your character’s stats.

For a more detailed explanation, watch the video below for a step-by-step walkthrough and guide. If you still want to get started, check out the starter kits further down the page.

Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set…

The Dungeons & Dragons Starter Kit includes everything you need to start your first D&D game. It includes an introductory rulebook, a 64-page adventure book that will take players from level one to level five, six pre-generated character sheets, and six dice.

“Choose from a halfling rogue, seeking revenge on a traitorous ally. An elven wizard, called to duty by the god of knowledge – five characters in total are ready for adventure, and great role models for future ones. characters.

“The Dungeon Master is the game’s narrator and arbiter. You’ll take on the roles of the monsters and villains your players encounter as they fight and plunder their way through Neverwinter in The Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure.

“In D&D, the story is driven by your actions, and your actions are driven by the rules. Harness your imagination and invite your friends to explore a world of fantasy adventure, where heroes fight monsters, find treasures and overcome quests.”

Dungeons and Dragons Essential Kit…

A slightly more expensive alternative to the Starter Set, the Essential Kit contains a couple of extras that I think will better benefit new players. In addition to a rulebook, an adventure book, six character sheets and 11 dice, the essential kit also contains a double-sided map, which helps new players visualize the adventure.

You also get 81 item and sidekick cards, which further help in understanding how the adventure works. Similarly, the pack also comes with a Dungeon Master screen, which makes it easy for the DM to check the basic rules as you progress.

“Confront the dragon of Icespire Peak,” reads the official story description. “Chasing all he can grab with his claws or freeze with his icy breath, Cryovain, the young white dragon descended on the Sword Coast. Driven from their usual territory, many beasts began to terrorize the mining town of Phandalin.

“Protect the townspeople, discover wondrous magic items, and defeat the dragon in an epic Dungeons & Dragons adventure.”

Stranger Things Dungeons and Dragons Starter…

If you really want an authentic Stranger Things experience, you can opt for the spin-off starter pack. This particular bundle comes with an official Stranger Things Adventure book, a standard D&D rulebook, five Stranger Things character sheets, six dice, a painted Demogorgon figure, and another Demogorgon figure you can paint yourself.

“The Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set contains everything players need to embark on a Stranger Things adventure, including essential role-playing rules.

“This is a great way for new and experienced Dungeon & Dragons players to experience the D&D Stranger adventure.

“What Mike Wheeler created for his friends. Choose your character – will you be Will the Wise or Dustin the Dwarf? Prepare your fireballs as you investigate the mysterious castle and battle the fierce Demogorgon. Prepare for anything , because the game just got weirder.”

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