Fallout 76 players host the in-game Iron Chef cooking challenge


Fallout 76 fans hosted an entertaining in-game cooking event, where attendees participated in collecting ingredients and preparing meals.

Role play in Fallout 76 took another impressive step forward as players staged a Iron chief cooking challenge in online survival game. It’s an amazing way to enjoy the game beyond official content support, which to be fair has been pretty impressive lately.

The most recent Fallout 76 DLC, the Locked & Loaded update, introduced quality of life improvements and popular gameplay features. It brought an early upgrade to the CAMP system, allowing players to have two of these bases simultaneously instead of just one. Additionally, the update provided the option to have pre-set tradable special loadouts for player characters, allowing them to prepare different presets for specific needs.

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Fallout 76 fans staged a weird in-game event on their own, hosting a cooking challenge reminiscent of the popular Iron chief TV show. The in-game version, called the Clawed Cooking Challenge, was curated and broadcast on Twitch by the El Gato Pub (as spotted by Polygon). The event included a comprehensive list of many recipes and scores that contestants would receive for successfully cooking the chosen meals. But first, players had to head to dangerous wasteland to collect all the necessary ingredients, especially the rarer ones which would have resulted in higher scores. All of the contestants were also given a secret ingredient to spice things up and make the whole affair a lot more intriguing. When the time had time to assess the meals and their presentation, the judges posted a swarm of sarcastic and mocking comments to poke fun at the budding post-apocalyptic cooks.

Screenshot of Fallout 76 Meat Week event

It is said that similar challenges will arise in the future, so Fallout 76 players will have ample time to prepare for another round of Deathclaw Meat Roasts and get roasted by the judges. In the meantime, Bethesda is sticking to its own community entertainment plan by developing and releasing new content expansions for the game. This year alone, Fallout 76 is expected to receive three other major DLCs. They’ll feature tons of goodies, including new places to explore, NPCs to interact with, quests to take on, and rewards to collect.

It shouldn’t be surprising that gamers are finally enjoying Fallout 76 at its best since the game effectively shed its initial bad reputation with the help of Bethesda’s continued support. The recent cooking challenge hosted by players is the best indicator that the robust mechanics and rich features of the Survival Title make it possible to organize appropriate entertaining events. Such community initiatives also suggest that gambling is a natural source of enjoyment for gamers, which is enough to exchange. Fallout 76notoriously broken launch.

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Fallout 76 is available to play now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

Source: El Gato / Twitch Pub, Polygon

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