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hooded horse is a newer game publisher, which engages with independent developers and helps publish strategy, simulation and role-playing games. For their showcase at PAX East 2022, Hooded Horse showcased 10 games coming out this year, including 3 previously unannounced games. The entire video can be found below, but here are snapshots of each of the titles!

A 4x turn-based strategy game with an RPG element, old world is a title of mohawk games which I have already played and published a review! You can check that here. We saw Soren Johnson, the studio’s design director, talk about the game and the upcoming expansion of Heroes of the Aegean for the window. 6 new missions make up a campaign showing the unification of Greece, from the battle of Marathon to the conquests of Alexander the Great. This will be released for current owners of the game on the Epic Games Store and the next versions on Steam and GoG will be released on May 19.

The first of the newly announced games, Son of Valhalla is labeled as a strategy role-playing game in the form of a 2D side-scroller. Developped by Pixel Chest, it follows the story of a son of Jarl as he fights across England in the name of love and revenge. A combination of base builder and fighter, players will build forts to protect their resources while raising an army, crafting siege weapons, and brutalizing armies and outposts in search of their lost love. With interesting combat mechanics, the overall strategic concept merged with single character control, this will be one to watch over time.

Upcoming indie strategy game and winner of E3 2021’s “Most Anticipated Indie Game” award, falling border is developed by solo developer Todd Darcey of Stuttering Fox Studios. A sci-fi strategy game that mixes the close quarters combat of real-time strategy ship battles and the overall logistics and management of a solar system spanning grand strategy game, Falling Frontier was one of my 10 best strategy games to look forward to in 2022 With in-depth ship design mechanics, excellent graphics, and exciting combat systems, this game will be something to watch. The showcase allowed the developer to tell us about some points of the game, as well as showcasing beautiful sights and more in-depth mechanics like crew management, tactical combat, and ship design and construction features. basic.

Another recently announced game, Espiocracy from ex-vivo studios is a grand strategy game that places players in charge of one of a possible 74 intelligence agencies from the start of the Cold War through 2020. Influence world events in your favor as you deal with interrogations, events, launch proxy wars, and engage- you with other intelligence agencies and terrorists to defend your way of life and change the world. With little to see at the moment, here’s another game that caught my eye and I’ll be paying close attention to its development over time. The grand strategy genre has never really seen a game concept in this style, and if the developers can pull it off, it will be huge for strategy gamers everywhere.

Another game with an interesting take on the strategy genre, fragile existence from fragile continuum bills itself as a real-time survival strategy space game. Take command of the last human fleet (and the last humans in existence) and try to keep the torch of humanity burning as you are pursued by a terrifying doomsday threat. When Earth is lost, how will we unite in the face of such adversity to continue the survival of our species? fragile existence shows the duality of exploring in space and engaging in space combat while sending units to planetary surfaces to farm resources and build outposts. Although this one seems to be complicated and most likely confusing and difficult, I look forward to getting my hands on it as the year goes by.

A new form of space simulation, Capital Command is the latest new announcement and has players in charge of a capital ship as opposed to a nimble fighter. With deep simulation-like physics and combat, rolling and maneuvering your ship to slow speed, aim correctly, or present a smaller target to enemies will be imperative for player survival. Destroying enemies will allow upgrades or replacements for damaged parts, and it looks like there will be command of more than one ship as you get deeper into the game. Hellride Games is already in full development and will be released later this year.

Forge your way to survival in this epic strategy RPG from Animal. way of anger follows the leader of a Bronze Age tribal chief as he attempts to prepare to face an enemy horde in 10 days. With a little for everyone, way of anger features deep character relationships, intense survival mechanics, the option of turn-based or real-time combat with pause, and plenty of tasks and missions to keep you busy as you prepare to meet your destiny when the time will be up. Will you prepare and survive with your tribe, or will the snow cover what remains of your failed attempts? Find out when way of anger releases later this year.

The newest in the God-Game genre, Fate Deum gives players the power of the heavens as they watch humanity attempt to prosper. Play your way and be the god you think people deserve. 42 bit entertainment was inspired by ancient god games to put players in the mind of a young god as they decide how they will act. Be benevolent and fun, spread joy and intoxication when trying to sway new followers, or be a fearsome god who brings out the madness of your followers and encourages acts of violence or demonic summoning. The choice is yours and the living world will be shaped by your actions. Each of the other gods also commands a realm, and each will have their ways. Keep your followers loyal to you and convert the rest as you try to become the singular deity of Fate Deum

Another great 4x strategy in space, but with an interesting twist. Instead of being the ruler of a fledgling nation, you inherit a crumbling space empire as the new Emperor/Empress and must build relationships, keep your people happy, and take care of yourself at the same time. Alliance of Sacred Suns is different from the typical grand strategy genre because players only manage their own person. Once they die, it’s game over, so be sure to make your reign as glorious as possible. Swinging the heads of opposing houses or pitting them against each other will cement your place as ruler, and ensuring that your empire’s population is happy will prevent them from trying to kill you. For the showcase, the main developer of Studio Kathawk Steve Hawkins walked us through some of the big changes they’ve made since the game’s last preview and gave some insight into creating your character and beginning the arduous task of managing the failing empire you now rule.

The modders who made the Long War Mod for xcom and Xcom 2 created a game studio, and their first project is bigger than anything they’ve done before. Terra Invicta sets Earth in place before an alien invasion, with the player taking command of one of the factions which all have their own ideas of how to respond. Fight aliens, unite humanity, or just make money from all the mess before taking your people to another system. Each faction has its own unique goal and provides players with a full set of tools to accomplish them. sandbox in nature, Terra Invicta seems to be incredibly deep and complicated, with realistic physics systems for space travel and a long list of technologies to research before humanity can truly walk among the stars. Pavonis Interactive John Lumpkin walked us through some of the intricacies of Terra Invicta showcase and definitely got us excited about what’s to come in the future of this game and the studio as a whole.

With so many games to talk about and such exciting trailers and gameplay footage, be sure to check out the Hooded Horse PAX East 2022 showcase and let us know your thoughts below! You can find the entire Hooded Horse lineup on Steam, but expect full releases on GoG as well. Keep an eye on GameTyrant for all your favorite gaming news.

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