Every appearance of Skyrim Crossover in other games

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most successful RPGs of all time, which has led to several crossovers with different titles over the years. Skyrim is considered one of the greats of the RPG genre due to its gripping story, stunning scenery, and engaging gameplay. In the 10 years since Skyrim, many games that have been released since have paid homage to him in their own way.

Hidden in corners and crevices or hidden in the dialogue of obscure NPCs, references to Skyrim can be found in several video games. Other titles within the fantasy genre have seamlessly incorporated nods to the fifth Old scrolls game, but they’re not the only ones. Contemporary sci-fi shooters and action games have also paid homage to Skyrim, often with well-known memes and beloved slogans designed to conjure memories of Bethesda’s beloved title.


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Not all of these Skyrim Easter eggs and crosses weren’t official either. Some crosses were done in direct collaboration with Bethesda, providing an extra layer of polish in the process. Either way, the majority of those references seen in other games come in the form of famous elements, names, lines of dialogue, or even various jokes and memes that those who love the game have all become familiar with. Here is some Skyrim crossovers that many may have missed while playing other games.

Far Cry 4’s Bucket-On-Head Skyrim Joke

Ubisoft’s fourth installment of Far cry The franchise can plunge the player into the depths of a serious civil war, but this FPS game still has a sense of humor. Inside a low-key mountain lodge lie the aftermath of a massacre. One of the bodies has an arrow stuck in its knee and a bucket on its head.

While the arrow refers to Skyrim‘s famous “arrow in the knee” line, the bucket is a pretty unique reminder of one of the funniest aspects of the game. Skyrim allows the player to steal certain items and get away with it, as long as they are not being watched by an NPC. However, NPCs cannot see anything if the player takes a bucket or basket and simply places it above their head. Literally “cheating” traders is one of the funniest loopholes in the game that Far cry 4 do not forget.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Has A Dragonborn Easter Egg

This standalone prequel to the beloved action-adventure FPS shooter series Wolfenstein (also produced by Bethesda) stands on its two legs with an immersive story and thrills, but a cheeky one Skyrim reference can be found in the very first mission. Many players will miss it, but perched atop a seemingly innocuous crate sits the iconic Iron Helmet of Skyrimthe player character of, the Dragonborn. It’s one of the weaker helmets in the game, but it’s featured in almost every trailer and official artwork featuring the Dragonborn and is instantly recognizable to any fan.

Fallout 4 has its own “Arrow in the Knee” joke

The fourth installment of the popular Bethesda Fall The franchise takes place in a wonderfully dark post-apocalyptic world where the player must survive a hostile war-torn environment in classic RPG fashion. A much needed lightness can be found in Fallout 4the various references to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The quintessential iron helmet also appears on the lower right corner of the cover of Taboo Tattoos issue 12, a devious Easter egg that many are sure to overlook.

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Another one Skyrim reference in Fall can be found fighting certain NPCs. Instead of saying “I took an arrow in the knee“some enemies will scream with a curse that they took a” bullet in the knee “after being shot in the leg by the player. The specific wording is a direct reference to Skyrimguards, who are often mistakenly quoted as saying they took a bullet “at kneeWhether it was bullets or arrows, one can understand why the victim would complain.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Skyrim References

Geralt of Rivia is back for the beloved’s third installment witcher RPG action series, ready to kill monsters (and play cards). Gwent is a mini-game in the Witcher 3: wild hunt where the player has to fight opponents using the different cards they have collected in The Witcher 3 like Geralt the monster hunter. One of those cards, the Black Infantry Archer, has an intimidating legend that would send Skyrim guards running towards the hills. It scares all those who value their kneecaps by simply saying: “I aim for the knee. Always.

Doom from 2016 features a corpse of Draugr from Skyrim

The 2016 Bethesda Softworks Remake Loss joins the Skyrim trend of appreciation by including references to both the knees of the poor guards and the iron helmet of the Dragonborn in one. As the player goes through Hell himself in Mission 6, he may stumble upon one of the many spooky caves in Kadingir Sanctum. Inside there is a hilarious reference that takes the form of a shriveled corpse that wears not only the legendary iron helmet, but also an arrow protruding from its knee. It seems that Skyrim souls who find themselves in hell are doomed to endless leg wounds.

Minecraft received an official Skyrim crossover in 2017

One of the largest crosses of Minecraft it was in 2017 Skyrim pack. Minecraft, Like Skyrim, was one of the most popular games released in the 2010s, selling over two hundred million copies worldwide during its lifetime. There are endless possibilities for role-playing in a game where the world can be whatever you want it to be so, of course, there is a Skyrim crossing. Players can download this official mashup which has been added to Minecraft in 2017 which offers them an immersive experience Old scrolls experience.

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The mashup allows you to add snow-capped mountain sides, river valleys and a sky filled with dawn. The player can do tons of things the real Dragonborn could, including fighting Draugr, joining the Stormcloak Rebellion, and of course slaying dragons. Famous places within The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim are also included, such as Riverwood, Whiterun and even Skuldafin. All of these nostalgic details allow players to relive their heyday in Skyrim inside Minecraft.

Super Smash Bros. Dragonborn Crossover Skin Ultimate

This 2018 content update of the Super Smash Brothers The series has built its identity around mashups, bringing together tons of characters from previous titles as well as third-party characters in colorful, fast-paced battles. One of the more recent additions to the game is a Mii Fighter outfit that incorporates the iconic Dragonborn look into the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate artistic style. The Nintendo Switch game added the Dragonborn with the consequences Vault Boy to celebrate Bethesda Sotfworks 35th Anniversary, honoring all the memories players have made at once The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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