Esther Doña: of the night in the dungeon of Carlos Falcó and other fights at the “red lines” of Pedraz

Sonsoles Ónega’s interview with Esther Dona on Antena 3 it considerably increased the audience for the new program of the former presenter of Telecinco, but it was also a disappointment for those who expected the widow of the Marquis of Griñón to say once and for all the reason of his break with the judge santiago pedraz. In part, the interview was a “let’s tell lies, tralará”, from the Marchioness widow that can be dismantled.

The old model of Malaga has again taken the tangent. Not only did he escape with Sonsoles saying “for now I’m not going to say it”, but he turned the end of his relationship with the National Court magistrate into a series of half-truths and lies shameless, as he has done since he began his romance with Carlos Falcó, softened during and after his marriage to the late aristocrat two and a half years ago, when the reality is that the Marquis and his fourth wife ended up having a stormy relationship who poisoned the last years of the life of the father of Tamara Falcoas evidenced by his close friends.

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Their discussions in the palace of El Rincón are documented by the service of the mansion, as we have been able to verify, a palace where Carlos Falco had in a bedroom on the first floor, while Esther and her mother occupied the second floor. They often argued.

The violent episode starring Doña and Aldara, the youngest daughter of the Marquis and Fátima de la Cierva, when the young woman returned from her studies in Vienna and found her room occupied by the mother of the Malaga-born woman, and her personal belongings in the trash, is confirmed in a recording made by Aldara, while she was locked in a bathroom with her father and Esther shouting insults at her outside, planted on the other side of the door and not really very calm.

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From her last stage, already with Pedraz, there are people who tell of the adventures of Esther and her friends when she was the judge’s girlfriend, having fun alone, with gentlemen delighted in her company. She is very free, but if she goes out in public to lie, we have the right to say so.

When she talks about her idyllic marriage to Griñón, her third, she fails to explain what really happened at the hotel. Euroconstruction of Madrid when, during an argument with her husband, the Marquise ended up being arrested by the police and spent a night in the cell of the police station, until the morning when the judge considered that he was a gentleman, incapable of least aggression against anyone, even less his wife, 40 years his junior.

When Televisión Española produced the Blood relationship dedicated to the Marquis of Griñón, in which his last wife was interviewed, Esther vetoed any questions about this unfortunate episode, as well as her bad relationship with her husband’s children, especially the last two. With Duarte Falcó there was another meeting related to an alleged assault, and not specifically by the young man.

As for Sonsoles’ interview, centered on her version of the breakup with Pedraz, Esther Doña once again reverses what happened, presenting herself as the victim of an abandonment caused by WhatsApp which shocked the uninformed. The stubborn truth is that when the judge warned the weekly Hi that they had broken off their engagement long before the magazine published the announcement of their upcoming wedding, the magistrate had already left the island of Ibiza, where they were with some friends, because she had “red lines crossed which are not tolerable”. Esther then irresponsibly wanted to maintain the exclusivity, with the naive hope of charging for the report and hoping for a reconciliation that she knew was impossible. The WhatsApp of Santiago Pedraz was only the auction that ended a series of previous conversations in which the magistrate had already ended the engagement. Moreover, when Esther Doña claims on Antena 3 that she was not paid for the coverage announcing her marriage, she forgets to mention that she had agreed on a five-figure amount with the weekly, but that ‘She didn’t get paid in the end because she simply cheated on the magazine.

The ridiculous she promoted judge

Fabula the former model and beautician in front of the cameras of Antena 3 with which Santiago Pedraz became known thanks to her, that she was the one who opened the doors of fame to him. As if this jurist had not participated in such high-profile cases as the murder of the reporter Jose Couso in Iraq in 2003, the Afinsa pyramid scheme, the issue of the Clean Hands union and more recently the box B of the People’s Party.

Esther Doña assures that Pedraz “has acquired a social position” with her, but it is exactly the opposite. The Malaga woman has always been a person with a dark and complicated past, frowned upon by the Falcó family and with an unstable, changing and contradictory character. Being with the judge of the National High Court was an effective image wash for her, which ended in a fiasco.

We will continue without knowing the truth of Esther Doña told by herself and we continue to see her lack of credibility. During this time, she got a job as a talk show host for Sonsoles Ónega with a salary of 4,000 euros per month. We’ll have to see how long his new fairy tale lasts.

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